John Abbott College Students Helping Students Raise Record Amount


John Abbott College Foundation is thrilled to announce that the annual Loonie Line fundraiser raised $36,696 for the Student Assistance Fund, helping those in financial difficulty.

On March 15, students, staff & faculty, alumni and the general public took to the line and placed loonies along double-sided tape that spanned the main hallway (213 m/700 ft) of the College.

This year was extra special as Pfizer Canada matched donations up to $10,000!

Since the return to school from the pandemic, we have more and more requests for help. I can’t imagine having to decide between buying groceries or paying the hydro bill, picking up a textbook or buying a bus pass to get to school. The Loonie Line reduces these dilemmas for many of our students. The community has made a huge difference.
– John Halpin, Director General, John Abbott College

Launched in 2003 by John Abbott College employees, the purpose of the Loonie Line is to help students in need. Since its inception, this event alone has raised over $276,000, 100% of which goes to the JAC Student Assistance Fund.

The Student Assistance Fund was created to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to complete their studies and achieve their goals. The student population is a diverse one, and while some of our students can afford registration fees, books, food, transportation, rent and heating bills, many struggle with these basic living expenses.

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