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Organization Chart

Guided first and foremost by the College’s Strategic Plan and its annual priorities, the management team is ever-committed to upholding the principles and ideals set forth by the College’s Mission Statement while maintaining students, quality and learning as the focal point of their work.

Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is composed of members representing various groups as stipulated in the General and Vocational Colleges Act. It sets major College policies and looks toward the future academic and community aspirations of the College. Members work in a voluntary capacity.

List of Board Members

ALPHA, Pascale Business Community Rep.
BEIG MIRZA, Mehreen Parents
BERGHELLO, Teresa (ex-officio) Academic Dean
BOYLE, Lisa Non-Teaching Professional
VACANT Manpower Rep.
DAGSAAN, Megan (Mae) Jaslyn Student – Pre-U. Studies
EDWARDS, Gwyneth (Vice-Chair) Alumni – Pre-U. Studies
EMAMI, Elham University-Level Teaching Inst.
FRASER, Andrea School Board Rep.
FU, Roy Faculty
GALOFRE, Isabella (Bella) Student – Tech. Studies
HACKETT, Jonathan Alumni – Tech. Studies
HALPIN, John (ex-officio) Director General
LAHRIZI, Fatima-Azzahra Socio-Economic
MURPHY-LAVALLÉE, Patrick Socio-Economic
RODRIGUEZ, Alma Parents
SÉLIM, Stéphane (Chair) Business Community Rep.
TRÉPANIER, Michèle Faculty
TWEEDIE, Amanda Support Personnel

The Board of Governors meeting minutes are available upon request. For information on how to become a Board member or about the John Abbott College Board structure, please contact:


The Communications Office is located in Herzberg – H-102
Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For all your communications needs and for general inquiries, you can reach the Communications department at

Debbie Cribb, Manager, Communications and Foundation Office
514-457-6610 x5284

Philippe Look, Communications Officer/Media Relations
514-457-6610 x5354


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