Land Acknowledgement

John Abbott College  is on unceded Indigenous lands of the traditional territory of both the Kanien’kehá:ka, “Mohawk,” and the Anishinabeg “Algonquin,” peoples.

We are grateful for the opportunity to gather there, and we thank the many generations of people who have taken care of this land and these waters.  Tiohtiá:ke, Montreal, is historically known as a gathering place for diverse First Nations; thus, we recognize and deeply appreciate the historic and ongoing Indigenous connections to, and presence on, these lands and waters.  We also recognize the contributions Métis, Inuit, and other Indigenous peoples have made in shaping and strengthening our communities.

Together, as a diverse college community, we commit to building a sincere relationship with Indigenous peoples based on respect, dignity, trust, and cooperation, in the process of advancing truth and reconciliation.


Kanien’kehá:ka : Gun-yuh-geh-ha-gah
Tiohtiá:ke : Joe-jah-geh

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