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Welcome to our Business Partners

John Abbott College is proud of the many business partnerships it has cultivated over the years – both locally and beyond.

Here are several ways in which the College collaborates with business to serve its community. We can help you:

List of programs offering stages
List of stages offered

You can submit your job stage/internship offers through the following link: click here


Take advantage of the Quebec Government’s Tax Credit for a Practicum in the Workplace through our ATE (Alternance Travail Etude)/Co-op program. Students who have completed the first or second year of the three year Business Management (410.D0) option are eligible to be full time paid interns for stages lasting from 8-14 weeks.

Click here for details: ATE/Co-op

Hire a JAC Graduate

  • Use the confidential and free referral services of the Student Employment Centre. Inquire about doing mock interviews on campus and meeting eventual candidates.
  • Participate in JAC’s annual Career Fair
  • Contact Continuing Education for information in its AEC graduates

Find Qualified Part-time Employees

Post your part-time student employment opportunities with the Student Employment Centre, free of charge.

  • Ask about a recruitment day on campus for summer hires.

Partner with Continuing Education for your Employee Training Needs (on campus or on site).

We work with individuals and teams in areas such as:

  • Computer Training
  • Language Training
  • Business Training

Recruit a Stagiaire

Many of our DEC (day division) and AEC (Continuing Education) programs build in a vital stage component (work placement) for their students’ learning. As a stage host to a JAC student, your organization will benefit, free of charge, from the services of a skilled and motivated student with an openness to applying these fresh skills to your organization. Learn more:

DEC programs with stage components include:

  • Business Management
  • Computer Science Technology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Engineering Technologies
  • Information and Library Technologies
  • Nursing
  • Police Technology
  • Graphic and Web Design (formerly named Publication Design & Hypermedia Technology)
  • Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention

AEC programs with stage components include:

  • Bio-Industrial Process Technology
  • Computerized Financial Management
  • Network Administration
  • Nursing (Refresher Program and Transition to Nursing in Québec)
  • PC Technical Support Program
  • Web Technology
  • Internet Programming & Development

You can submit your job stage/internship offers through the following link: click here

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