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Student Involvement Recognition (SIR) Program

Student Involvement Recognition (SIR Program)

Are you volunteering your time for a good cause? Are you a member of a social club or a sport team? Then you are the right candidate for the Student Involvement Recognition Program.

Since January 2006, John Abbott College in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has been offering an opportunity for you to add to your transcript and personal portfolio. The Student Involvement Recognition (SIR) is noted on your college transcript and can be used to show your accomplishments to university admissions and on scholarship applications. You will also be awarded a certificate that can be added to your personal portfolio when applying to future employers.

This recognition acknowledges the volunteer work you do during your time as a college student and can be for involvement in the school, in the community or even in another country. By being involved, you are enriching your life as well as the lives of others. You’re developing values, skills and competencies to complement your academic achievements. Why not get recognized for the difference you make!

What makes you eligible to apply? Here are some examples:

Community & Social Activities

Activities that improve the quality of life of a community and help develop citizenship. For example, be a member of an environmental club, run a peace week, organize a fund-raising campaign, help with alcohol awareness, be a hospital or youth center volunteer etc.

Cultural & Artistic Activities

Creation, performance, organization or exhibition activities that enrich cultural life. For example, be part of a theatre, dance, comedy or musical group. Organize an art or photography exhibition, work with LOCUS etc.

Entrepreneurial Activities

Business projects such as participating in an Entrepreneurial Club, implementing a business project or plan that enhances the quality of student life etc.

Sport Activities

Activities that involve students who are athletes, coaches or members of sports committees. For example, be a member of an Intercollegiate team, Intramural team, Outdoor Adventure Club or participate in an individual sport outside the college. Organize sporting events such as a tournament or league etc.

Science Related Activities

Scientific or technical activities involving research, experimentation or popularization. For example, collaborate on a science journal, be a member of a math, physics or chemistry tutorial group, participate in science competitions or in a science symposium etc.

Academic Related Activities

Activities that relate to a student’s program of study and career plan. For example, provide tutoring through the Academic Success Centre or any Academic Department within the college, organize seminars or workshops for program related subjects etc.

Political Activities

Defend the rights and interests of students or other social groups and by participating in discussions of internal, national and international issues. For example, be an active member of Amnesty International, the Student Union (SUJAC) or volunteer as a political campaign manager.

You must meet 4 compulsory criteria to obtain your SIR mention:

  • Be involved with your activity for a minimum of 60 hours per semester. In some cases, it may be extended to two semesters.
  • Be a full-time student during the period of involvement.
  • Be academically successful during the semester when the activity takes place.
  • You must not obtain any form of compensation for your involvement and the activity must be strictly on a volunteer basis.

For more information, please contact Student Activities at 514-457-6610 Ext. 5320

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