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The Crucible
by Arthur Miller
Directed by Tracy Leigh Campbell

Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. Rumours of witchcraft are running rampant through the quiet Puritan village. Soon fear turns to hysteria, giving young girl’s words immense power and gravity, pitting neighbour against neighbour, fueling the fire with old vendettas and betrayals, twisting truths with devastating consequences. Arthur Miller’s American classic The Crucible brings the infamous real-life Salem witch hunt to the stage in a tragic parable of power, intolerance and morality. **Please Note: This production contains intense depictions of crowd mania and violence.








The Girl Who Fell Through a Hole in her Sweater

Written by Naomi Wallace and Bruce McLeod
Directed by Elisha Conway

A delightful play for ALL ages in the Casgrain Theatre!
One day while getting ready for school a young girl named Noil falls through a hole in her sweater and is transported to a magical world. Accompanied by a “crumby” narrator, Noil must undertake an adventure of self-discovery and accomplish three and a half tasks before she can return home. While on her journey she meets a series of wild characters, such as a talking cockroach and a dancing chorus of doors and windows, whom she helps rebel against the unjust practices of their world before emerging back home in time for school.

For Ages 2 to 92







Come get swept away to the enchanted forest along with 4 rebellious youths following their hearts, a mismatched band of players chasing a dream and feuding fairies casting spells: all in the name of love and desire. 

May 2023








Once Upon a Mattress a Musical Comedy

Book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, Marshall Barer
Music by Mary Rodgers

Directed by Jason Howell,

March 2023









Goodnight Desdemona (Good morning Juliet)an exciting adventure comedy and modern day, feminist revisioning of Shakespeare’s Othello and Romeo and Juliet!


December 2022











Department of Theatre Workshop
October 2022
Casgrain Stage


Department of Theatre Presents a Professional Theatre Production
May 2022
Decomposed Theatre or the Human Trashcan


March 2022
Napier Studio Theatre / Casgrain Basement



12 Angry Jurors by Reginald Rose, Directed by Rob Burns

December 2021
Featuring the 2nd year Acting Class


JOHN ABBOTT COLLEGE Presents a Professional Theatre Production

We are drowning in a tsunami of information. Churchill’s Love and Information takes us on a kaleidoscopic ride trying to make sense of it all.
December 2021


John Abbott College Department of Theatre presents a Theatre Workshop Production


The Professional Theatre Program Presents
Live Streamed from the Casgrain Stage

Eight young people are caught in a circle dance of living, loving, betrayal and surviving the pandemic. Can they get off the merry-go-round? Pandemic Round is a new play taking place here in Canada and now during the pandemic. It streams live from the Casgrain stage at John Abbott College.
**This play contains coarse language and deals with issues of sex and relationships

Name your Price Tickets
All proceeds go to the JAC Food Pantry

*All proceeds from the May 20th live and rebroadcast performances will go to help Adrian MacDonald (’16) in his rehabilitation from a devastating accident.


The Professional Theatre Program Presents

It is the heart-warming tale of a Norwegian immigrant family of modest means, living in San Francisco in the early 1900’s.  Mama, with the help of her husband and the indomitable Uncle Chris, manages to guide her four children through childhood, sees them educated, and helps her eldest daughter Katrin start a career as a writer.

Name your Price Tickets
All proceeds go to the JAC Food Pantry
*All proceeds from the May 28th performance will go to help Adrian MacDonald (’16) in his rehabilitation from a devastating accident.

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The Casgrain Theatre is located in the Casgrain Building (off rue Maple)
21,275 Lakeshore Road, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec H9X 3L8

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