Registrar’s Office

Payment instructions for new students

To confirm that you will be attending John Abbott College next semester, carefully read the following instructions and choose the confirmation and payment option that best suits your needs.

Option one - By internet

Please refer to the Confirm your acceptance page for detailed instructions on how to set up your personal account.

Students with access to the internet can confirm their acceptance by paying their fees using a credit card on our secure site using John Abbott College’s Omnivox Services for Students or the Omnivox Mobile app.

  1. Go to, or launch the Omnivox Mobile app;
  2. Under My Omnivox Services, select “Payment Centre”;
  3. Select “To Pay”;
  4. Select “Pay Selected Invoices”. At this point you can also make a contribution to the John Abbott College Foundation.
  5. Select “Go to Online Secure Payment”;
  6. Enter credit card information;
  7. Select “Make Payment”.

Option two - By mail

  1. Complete the confirmation form which can be found here.
  2. Attach your cheque of $162.00 payable to John Abbott College. You may also wish to include a separate cheque payable to the John Abbott College Foundation.
  3. Mail your confirmation form and cheque by the deadline indicated on your acceptance letter.

If you decide not to attend the College, please fill in the following cancellation form and mail or fax (514-457-6812) it by the deadline indicated in your acceptance letter.

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