Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures


Emergency: #6911 or 514-457-6911
Non-emergency: #6912 or 514-457-6912

Emergency Procedures
Bodily Harm

Emergency guidelines in the case of a suicidal or homicidal student – remote intervention

The following guidelines outline how to proceed in an emergency situation where the contact between an employee (teaching or non-teaching faculty, professional, and/or support staff) and a student is by remote means (eg. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc). Please follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of the student in the case of an emergency. Note that this protocol is valid in the majority of situations. If in doubt, please reach out to emergency/crisis resources to clarify next steps. In the event that a JAC employee contacts 911 on their own, it remains essential that Security be notified immediately thereafter.

Imminent homicidal or suicidal risk

Situations considered imminent and which require immediate intervention include one or more of the following:

  • Intention to attempt suicide has been clearly communicated;
  • A plan is in place with access to means and will be carried out within the next 24 hours;
  • An attempt is already in progress;
  • Student may or may not have prepared a note or declaration outlining their intentions.

Role of Security

  • An emergency call is to be placed to the security service via the 6911 or (514) 457-6911 emergency line;
  • The security officer will record all the required information and will make a conference call to 911 with the employee online;
  • The security officer will use Clara to access all the relevant student contact information to be shared with emergency services (phone number, address);
  • The security officer will ask the employee for any document, written conversation, emails related to the current emergency;
  • The security officer will write an incident report and attach all the relevant information.

Non imminent homicidal or suicidal risk

Situations considered to be non-imminent and therefore appropriate for referral to internal college resources include:

  • The presence of occasional to frequent suicidal or homicidal ideation WITHOUT a plan in place;
  • If student does report a plan, there is either no timeline, or the timeline is beyond the next 24 to 48 hours.
Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat

IF you receive a bomb threat:

  • Remain calm, polite and courteous;
  • Do not interrupt the caller.

Obtain as much information as possible by asking the following questions:

  • Location of the bomb
  • When is it set to go off
  • Why has it been set
  • What kind of bomb is it
  • What is your name?
  • Wording of the Threat
  • Gender of caller
  • Age
  • Accent
  • Background noise
  • Length of the call
  • Number where the call was received

After the call – Contact JAC Security Immediately

  • To avoid panic and misinformation, do not spread this information to colleagues
  • Remain at your desk until Campus Security or the Police arrive

Follow the instructions given to you.


If you are inside a building during an earthquake:

  • Stay inside; do not run or panic.
  • Immediately take cover under a desk, against a corridor wall or between seating rows in classroom.
  • Do not go into a doorway.
  • Move away from danger areas: Windows, hanging objects, tall unsecured furniture and lab equipment containing hazardous chemicals. Watch for falling objects.
  • Protect your head and face
  • Stay under cover until shaking stops.
  • Follow the tremors or when order to do so, proceed to an EVACUATION


If you are outside during an earthquake:

  • Stay outside.
  • Move to an open area away from building, trees, overhead wires and other hazards.

After the earthquake:

  • If you are able, be of assistance to persons in need
  • If you encounter an injured person or you are injured yourself, contact JAC Security
  • Once outside, go to the designated gathering points
  • Stay in groups, at least 30 metres from the building and wait for further information.
Elevator Malfunction

Elevator MalfunctionIf you are stuck in an elevator:

  • Remain calm;
  • Use the emergency phone for assistance or call JAC Security.



Evacuation Procedure

Know your way around BEFORE an emergency occurs:

  • Familiarize yourself with the evacuation plans on the wall
  • Know the following at all times:
    – Where you are located and what exit you must take in case of an evacuation
    – Where the nearest fire hose cabinets and fire extinguishers are located

When an alarm sounds or an evacuation order is given:

  • Stop all activity (no matter if you think it is a drill)
  • Close or seal off any flammable fire hazard before leaving
  • Bring your personal belongings ONLY if they are immediately within reach
  • Remain calm and evacuate immediately using the staircases only – Do not use the elevator
  • Follow the Area Warden’s instructions

Once outside:

Go to the designated gathering points

Stay in groups, at least 30 metres from the building and wait for further information.

Only return inside the building after when indicated by the Emergency Marshals

When you hear an alarm or an emergency message, be READY to follow instructions.

Our Area Wardens are identified by an orange safety vest

As soon as the evacuation is finished, the Coordinator of emergency measures will order an «All Clear» message via the intercom system.

Hazardous Material


If you notice the presence of a hazardous material spill:

  • Remove the people from the area surrounding the spill;
  • Call JAC Security immediately;
  • Do not use any objects that could produce a spark or a flame (lighter, cell phone, electrical equipment, flashlight, etc.).


If safe and possible to do so :

  • Close any surrounding gas sources (especially in the labs);
  • Exit the room and close surrounding doors to isolate the leak area or material until help arrives.
How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
  1. Hold upright
  2. Pull pin
  3. Press top lever
  4. Discharge at base of flame with side to side motion
JAC Security

Elevator Malfunction

Phone Numbers:

  • Emergency: 514-457-6610 x 6911
  • Non-Emergency: 514-457-6610 x 6912


  • SA-101 – Stewart Apartments
  • C-183 – Casgrain



Lockdown/Armed Individual(s)

If you are in the presence or vicinity of an armed individual and CANNOT SAFELY exit the building:

  • If you can, barricade yourself into an office or classroom.
  • If you are in a common area (agora, gym, lounge, etc.), enter the closest secure room and stay inside.
  • Turn lights off, stay low, place furniture up against the door; block the window in the door – STAY QUIET!
  • Line up against a wall in silence or lay on the ground sheltered by furniture;
  • Examine the possible escape routes (windows);
  • If you can, write down the number of occupants (including # of injured) in the room on a piece of paper and place it on a window facing the outside;
  • Wait for signs from the police and Emergency Team for rescue;
  • Should the fire alarm sound, do not evacuate the building unless, you hear a communication via the intercom system.
  • When the security and safety of occupants are ensured, the Coordinator of emergency measures will announce an “all clear” message.



Know your surroundings, including exit doors and staircases, as well as where these staircases and doors lead;

If the intruder enters your immediate area, or if you have been injured, try not to move (play dead).

Note: Please try to remain as calm as possible during any such incident and adhere to the officer’s demands/directives so as to not interfere with police operations. A rescue team is formed shortly after the first responding officers enter the building; they will be the officers who search for and get everyone out of the building safely.

These officers will have a key to open all the secure areas where people gathered.

If you can safely exit the building:

Exit immediately

Tell anyone you encounter to exit immediately

Once outside, call JAC Security immediately

Stay in groups, away from the buildings (at least 100 feet) and keep off service roads to allow emergency vehicles to pass

Await for instructions from the Police or the Area Warden

Medical Emergency/First Aid/AED

For any Medical Emergency – call JAC Security

If you need first aid supplies,
look for areas that have this sticker.


Location of the nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED):

  • All Campus Security vehicles
  • Herzberg, near the Library entrance
  • Stewart Hall (near the Board Room SH-104)
  • Anne-Marie Edward Science Building, 1st floor, near the elevator
  • Brittain Hall, 2nd floor, near BH-203
  • Casgrain, 1st floor (near main entrance)
  • Casgrain Sports Centre (Equipment Room, C-0069)
  • Dental Clinic, Reception area, SE-146
  • Penfield, 1st floor, near P-109
  • Hochelaga, 1st floor, near H-105
  • Memorial Field, inside the shed (seasonal)

Please do not forget to complete the Accident Report form.

Mental Health Crisis

For consultation related to any non-imminent homicidal or suicidal risk, and/or to request post- emergency debriefing:

  • Psychological and Career Counselling (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.):
    514-457-6610, x 5292
    MIO: General Counselling

Emergency contact and resources:

  • John Abbott College Security service: x 6911, or (514) 457-6911

External Crisis Resources:

  • Suicide Prevention Center of Montreal (24/7): 1-866-APPELLE (277-3553) or 988
  • West Island Crisis Center (24/7): 514-684-6160
  • UPS Justice – in the case of homicide risk (24/7): 514 861-9331, x 8163 or 8171

Crisis Support for Indigenous Students:

    • Hope for Wellness Crisis Line (24/7): 1-855-242-3310 or online chat: https://www.hopeforwellness.ca/ Provides culturally competent assessment, referrals, and support in crisis intervention and suicide prevention. Counselling available in English, French, as well as Cree, Ojibway, and Inuktitut (upon request).
    • Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) Support line (24/7): 1-844-413-6649
    • Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay Mental Health Services Helpline (24/7): 1-833-632-4357 (HELP)
      Cree Youth in Crisis Hotline (24/7): 1-800-409-6884
    • Khanawake Shakotiia’takehnhas Community Services: 450-632-6880 (M-F; 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) *Ask for an Intake Worker; OR 450-632-6505 (after hours on weekends and holidays)
      **Ask for an After Hours Response Worker; http://kscs.ca/service-track/youth


If situations arise where a student expresses any hostile or aggressive behavior that is not acceptable to a staff or faculty member which goes against the Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline procedures please contact Ronnie Dorsnie 514-457-6610 x 5747

Natural Gas or Propane Gas Leak

Any person who detects a gas odour must, without delay:

  • Move all persons away from the area of the leak;
  • Call JAC Security;
  • Close the room’s door to isolate the source of the leak.

Warning  Do not handle any object likely to cause a spark or a flame (lighter, telephone in the room where the leak originated, switch or electrical appliance, flashlight, etc.). Do not activate a fire alarm box linked to the fire alarm system. The spark created by activating the system might be enough to cause the gas to ignite.

Any person who notices a gas leak must, without delay:

  • Move away or evacuate any person near the gas leak area;
  • Call JAC Security;
  • Close the doors to isolate the source of the leak;
  • If possible, open the windows;
  • Remain on site, in a safe area, to inform the Coordinator of emergency measures of the material’s nature and circumstances surrounding the event.
Power Failure

If a power failure occurs:

  • Stay in place until the emergency lights go on;
  • Reassure people around you;
  • Use flashlights;
  • Do not use open flames like candles or matches as light;
  • Follow the instructions provided by the Area Warden or call JAC Security.
Sewage Back-Up or Water Leakage

If you notice sewage back-up or other water leakage:

  • Without putting yourself at risk, remove or shelter any specialized equipment;
  • If there is a risk of danger, have everyone evacuate the area;
  • Call JAC Security immediately; they will notify the Facilities Department.
Smoke or Fire

If you notice the beginning of a fire or detect smoke, FIRST ENSURE YOUR SAFETY, then:

  • Pull the fire alarm pull station and call JAC Security
  • Remove or evacuate any persons in the immediate proximity of the fire
  • If safe to do so:
  • Close off the area of the fire (close windows and doors)
  • Use a fire extinguisher on the fire

When the alarm sounds:

When a fire alarm signal is heard, it indicates that all occupants must evacuate the building using the nearest exit.

As soon as an alarm signal is heard, occupants must:

  • Be attentive to any messages given over the intercom
  • Remain calm and evacuate immediately using the staircases only
  • Do not use the elevator
  • Follow the Area Wardens’ instructions
  • Follow the evacuation procedures

Once outside

  • Go to the designated gathering points
  • Stay in groups, at least 30 metres from the building and wait for further information.
Suspicious Package

If you discover a suspicious letter or parcel:

Avoid touching the parcel

  • Call JAC Security immediately
  • Follow the instructions given to you

What to look out for:

  • An unexpected parcel carrying special instructions:
    • To be delivered by hand
    • Personal and confidential
    • Urgent
  • Excessive weight for the size of the envelope or parcel
  • Presence of powder or abrasive substance
  • Sound coming from the parcel
Threats and Acts of Violence

If you are verbally threatened or perceive that a violent act might occur, call JAC Security immediately and give them the following information:

  • Identify yourself
  • Give as much information on the situation as possible:
    – Who is targetted by the threat
    – What is the nature of the threat
    – Who is making the threat
    – When is the act supposed to occur

If you witness a violent act, call JAC Security immediately

  • Calmly provide as much information as possible:
  • Where is the incident occuring
  • Where did you last see the assailant(s)
  • Are there victims:
    – How many
    – Where are they located
  • Describe the assailant(s)
  • Is the assailant carrying a weapon:
    – Describe the weapon
  • Is the assailant carrying a bag:
    – What is the shape and size of the bag

Proceed immediately to the JAC Security office (Casgrain, C-183) to remain available for further information.

Once there, use the emergency phone that is just outside the door to reach JAC Security directly to let them know where you are.

Violent Storm

Any person noticing a violent storm situation must, without delay, call JAC Security and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • The nature of the observed violent weather (tornado, thunderstorm, violent winds etc.)
  • The actual consequences on the service or area

If the College needs to close or cancel classes, students and employees will receive a notification on their mobile, if they have opted for this feature to be activated on Omnivox. They are also invited to consult the Portal for further information.

Water Shortage or Contamination

Any person who notices a significant reduction of water pressure must call JAC Security




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