Netiquette For Participating in Online Courses


  • I respect other’s values, emotions, differences and truths and enter all online interactions with good intentions and without judgement.
  • I do not use racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive and derogatory language, swear words or any language that would cause offence or be perceived as threatening.
  • I use people’s names and their pronouns.
  • I do not share the virtual classroom link or a recording with anyone not registered in the class.
  • I do not record or take screenshots of any online class unless asked to do so, or I requested a permission to do so.


  • I stay up to date with the course by reading all teacher’s instructions and assigned materials.
  • Whenever I receive an online class invitation from my teacher, I make certain that I know how to use the online class tool before the start of the class.
  • I am on time for all online classes, and I let my teachers know ahead of time if I cannot attend a class for any reason by contacting them.
  • If during a class I encounter technological problems, I take necessary measures to communicate with the people involved.
  • In online classes, I am an active participant to the best of my ability.
  • I turn on my microphone and camera at teacher’s request.
  • I wait my turn to speak and raise the virtual hand.
  • I complete all self-study tasks on time.


  • I manage any disruptive elements that may distract the other classmates, the teacher and me during online classes as much as possible.
  • I put all my electronic devices on silent and turn off notifications.
  • I let my teacher know when my environment may become a problem.


  • I ensure that I am appropriately dressed and presentable for online classes.


  • I eat during breaks.
  • I drink water as needed.


A s a student participating in an online learning environment, I am aware that I must abide by all rules and regulations including, but not limited to,

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