New Students – Getting Started at JAC

Get to know your Omnivox

Omnivox  is an interactive online service for students to access and update their student and course-related information. It can be used in either English or French at or by downloading the Omnivox Mobile app on your mobile device**.
**Your Omnivox Mobile account will only be accessible once your initial setup has been completed on a computer.

Setting up your JAC Omnivox student profile should be your first step in getting started as a JAC student – click here for step-by-step instructions on Setting up your JAC student profile.

Your Omnivox (My JAC Portal) homepage is your gateway to everything your Omnivox student account has to offer. Everything you need to know at any given moment is displayed here, from news, to notifications, to access to your Omnivox Communities, and much more!


Latest News
This is your live news feed. Headlines from your JAC Communities’ messages will be displayed here for quick access.

What’s New?
This is your notifications centre. Information directly related to you will be displayed here. For example: new important documents intended for you or new MIOs (Omnivox’s internal messaging system).

This is your academic and social calendar. Quickly view what’s going on today and this week, or click on this feature to expand to the full calendar view.

My Communities
Your Communities are groups that you can subscribe to based on your social and academic interests. Information posted in these Communities will feed directly into your “Latest News”, or click on any Community you are part of to access information, documents, and more! 

LÉA, the Omnivox Classroom: Facilitates communication with your teachers and other students in your classes. Online gradebook, messages to students and teachers, course documents, absences, follow-ups, assignments and much more.

Academic Advisor Appointment: Use this module to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor or an Admissions Officer.

Attendance Validation: Confirm your attendance. It is compulsory for students to validate their attendance after the drop deadline by confirming the courses in which they are registered.

Cancelled Classes: Most up-to-date class cancellation list. In the event that your teacher is ill or for some other reason is unable to teach your class, the Cancelled Classes module lists the classes (by date) that are temporarily cancelled.

Carpooling: Participate in the carpool service. Find carpoolers. Save time and money while doing something positive for the environment.

Course Registration: Quick and easy online registration. You choose the courses you plan to take, and then let the system do the rest! Then just choose the course schedule that best suits your needs according to the configurations presented.

Course Schedule: Obtain your course schedule as well as a list of required books and their prices.

Document Request: Request an official transcript or letter of attendance. Need an official transcript sent to a university or employer? Do you require a letter of attendance? This is where you can make this request.

Employment Centre—Jobs: Consult student job offers. Submit your application/CV online. You can define your profile and view current job offers related to your area of study.

Information intended for you: Access documents and messages from the College. The College publishes important documents you need to read regarding registration, placement test results and other important information in this area.

Lockers: Online locker reservation or information. Reserve your locker online, indicate your locker partner or have one assigned to you. Obtain information on the location of your locker and your locker partner’s contact information.

MIO—Messaging in Omnivox: Read and send MIO. Receive and send messages in Omnivox to classmates and teachers.

Parking Decals: Reserve your parking decal. Students who wish to park on campus must purchase a parking permit or pay a daily fee.

Payment Centre: Consult your invoices and pay online. Pay your fees securely by credit card. Connected to the Canadian Banking Network, Omnivox validates the payment in less than 10 seconds and then adjusts your student account balance immediately.

Personal File: Review and update your personal data. Update your emergency contact information, address or phone number. Activate the Class Cancellation Notification Service to call or text you when one of your teachers informs us that your class is temporarily cancelled.

Program Change: During or after your first semester, you may realize that your program is not a good fit for you and want to change your program. This is possible by requesting a program change for the following semester through your Omnivox “Program Change” module.

Progression Chart: Consult your personal progression chart. What courses do you need to take in your program? Track what courses you have passed or have in progress.

Reduced fare opus card: All full-time students are eligible to use public transportation at a reduced cost. In order to get the reduced cost, you must have a personalized OPUS card. Cards can be ordered online via your Omnivox Portal located under the tab “Reduced Fare for Opus Card”, once you have registered for your courses. The card costs $15 and will be mailed to your home address listed on file with the College. You may use this online service provided that you have uploaded a photo to be used as your John Abbott College ID and have a Québec address. A second option is to print the form located on your Omnivox Portal and take it to the STM photo booth to have your photo taken.

Secondhand Books: Buy and sell your books online. Find used books for sale by JAC students. Post your books for sale on the secondhand book list.

Surveys and Votes: Students may be asked to participate in surveys or votes pertaining to academic and non-academic matters.

Teacher’s Directory: Enter the name, the first name or the department name of the teacher you are looking for.

Tuition Tax Receipts: Print your tuition tax receipts. Obtain your Federal and Provincial education deduction certificates for income tax purposes.

If you are having trouble setting up your Omnivox, we can help!

Note that you will only be able to access your Omnivox once you have completed your initial JAC student profile setup on a computer. Click here for Omnivox setup instructions.

What is my student ID number?

You can find your student ID number on your John Abbott College Acceptance letter. It is a 7-digit number that is unique to you. Memorize or keep this number handy, you may need it during your time at John Abbott. If you cannot find your student ID number, you can email

What do I do if my Omnivox is not accepting my login information?

Did you use the “First use?” link? It is very important to go through this step before your first login. If “First use?” is not working, it is likely that you have already setup your Omnivox account – try resetting your password using the “Forgot your password?” link. Reminder: You need to set up your Omnivox on a computer before using the Omnivox Mobile app.

If you have already attended John Abbott in any capacity in the past, and already had an active Omnivox account, use the same account.

If Omnivox still is not accepting your information when going through “First Use?” or a subsequent login, make sure that you are using the correct student id number and password. If this does not help, try using the “Forgot your password?” link to reset your password.

If you have tried all of the above and still cannot access your Omnivox, contact

What do I do if I forgot my Omnivox password?

Try resetting your password using the “Forgot your password?” link. If this does not work, contact

What do I do if my Omnivox is not working properly?

If you feel that your Omnivox is not working as it should, you can use the built-in “Comments” feature within your Omnivox account, or contact

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