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Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies is a multidisciplinary academic field with the aim of understanding how humans interact with the natural world and affect natural systems, and how we can safeguard these systems upon which we are wholly dependent! Topic areas include the causes and impacts of the climate and ecological emergency (CEE), endangered species and biodiversity, the role of business and political action in solutions, sources of motivation for people’s environmental stewardship, etc.  

The advantages of the certificate are that you: 

  • Meet and network with like-minded students and teachers
  • Participate in related extra-curricular events
  • Distinguish yourself from other graduates to future employers and schools (with the certificate on your CV)

Students obtain it by completing six courses listed on this list and devoting one in-class project (min 25%) to an Environmental Studies issue, as well as 10 hours of volunteer work related to the environment. Students in all programs may enroll in the certificate. There is no extra work (comes from work already required for a student’s DEC program). You may register at any time – the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will be invited to events. 

How to apply

Please get the application form here and send it to Jessica Burpee, the coordinator, at or join the Environmental Studies community page on the JAC Portal for more information.

(telephone) 514 457-6610, extension 5059

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