What is the French Exit Exam?

Information regarding the French Exit Exam

The French Exit Exam (Épreuve uniforme de français -EUF) consists of an essay on a set subject. It must be passed to obtain the DEC diploma, except for students that have been declared eligible for instruction in English. It is a table-top test that lasts 4.5 hours. Students can choose between three different literary analysis topics, and must produce a text of around 900 words.

During the test, you can use three of the following reference books:

  • unilingual or bilingual dictionary;
  • difficulty dictionary;
  • synonym dictionary;
  • dictionary of proper names;
  • conjugation guide;
  • grammar;
  • punctuation treatise, etc.

Some students will also be entitled to extra help (see Access Centre)

At John Abbott College, the three French courses prepare students to take the exam:

  • UF0 – one course on narrative genres
  • UF1 – one course on poetry and drama
  • UF2 – one course in comparative literature

The various courses cover the French, Québécois and Francophone domains.

Some students will also be required to pass non-credit preparatory courses (Pratique et Renforcement), which will enable them to improve their command of French before taking the UF course sequence.

To be eligible for the exam, students must have successfully completed two of the three preparatory courses (UFO and UF1) and be in the process of completing the third (UF2) at the time of registration. Students must register for the exam at John Abbott College.

For more information on the EUF, visit the Ministry’s website click here

Additionnel Resources

Here you will find examples of topics:

CÉGEP À DISTANCE offers training to pass the exam: click here

Books are available at the CAF

  • BERGER, Richard, Diane DÉRY et Jean-Pierre DUFRESNE. L’Épreuve de français. Pour réussir sa dissertation critique, 2e édition, Montréal, Groupe Beauchemin, 2005, 240 p.
  • FOURNIER, Georges-Vincent. Face à l’épreuve. Les outils – les œuvres, Montréal, HMH, Nouvelle édition 2000, 168 p.
  • GARNEAU, Jacques. Pour réussir l’épreuve uniforme de français, Québec, Éditions du Trécarré, 1997, 107 p.
  • LAFERRIÈRE, André. Vers l’épreuve uniforme de français. Comme une visite guidée, Montréal, Modulo, 2001, 160 p.
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