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Recycling Stations in the Cafeteria

Photo: Shannon Coulter-Low

In Fall of 2022, all of the existing garbage cans in the cafeteria were removed and replaced by five Recycling Stations. The stations have four streams – organic waste, recyclables, refundables (cans and bottles) and garbage. Cafeteria users are now able to divert the majority of their waste from landfill.







Compost Program in the Science Building

Photo: Shannon Coulter-Low

An in situ composting program was established on campus in Spring 2022. Being already served by a municipal organic waste collection program, the objective of this project was to create an accessible and hands on demonstration of the cycle of decomposition and growth. Lunch leftovers and other organic waste can are deposited in the wooden bin attached to the back central pillar in the AME atrium. This organic waste is then be moved to the “Joracan” composter, which is the green tumbler located in the courtyard. Regular emptying of bins is made possible thanks to help from the West Island Re-adaptation Centre.





Photo: Shannon Coulter-Low

The “Joracan” is insulated in order to produce compost faster than a regular bin. As the materials break down, they produce their own heat, which then accelerates the decomposition process. The composter produces soil in just 6-8 weeks during the warmer months. This will be added to the JAC Harvest club’s garden to grow vegetables.










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