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Honours Social Science (Includes All Profiles)



Program Description

Honours Social Science (HSS) students follow the same academic program and profiles offered to all regular social science students but with the following enhancements:

  • common classes in their compulsory subjects (6 or 9 depending on the chosen profile);
  • weekly meetings throughout the first year at which we have invited guest speakers (including university recruiters and former HSS graduates), field trips, informal social activities, all designed to help promote peer support, group cohesion, choice of university and career orientation, as well as to stimulate thinking on a variety of topics;
  • travel opportunities;
  • development of special projects.

What distinguishes the program offered at JAC from others like it?

Besides the advantages listed in the program description, what nearly all of our graduates have in common is that they look back very fondly on their years spent in HSS and feel they were very well prepared for their university studies. Having six or nine classes with the same group of motivated classmates forge friendships for life, creates a very positive group dynamic, and is especially well-suited to students coming from enriched high school programs or those wishing to experience this type of learning community in CEGEP. Also, because of the group strength, the course material can be covered more quickly than in regular classes, thereby allowing teachers to take detours or go into greater depth in certain areas, which makes the courses more intellectually satisfying. Despite this, in all their compulsory courses taken as a group, HSS students write the same exams as regular social science students and are graded like everyone else. Their CRC score is also based on the overall average of all social science students taking the same course (and not just the HSS cohort) and this tends to boost their CRC scores simply by virtue of being surrounded by motivated individuals. It’s a virtuous cycle: you do better because those around you are doing better!

This program is for you if…

We seek intellectually curious students who like to think and who are not afraid of hard work. The successful candidates tend to have an average graduating high school grade in the mid-eighties or higher. They enjoy being with a group of highly motivated students and sharing ideas with them. Most are usually involved in many extracurricular activities ranging from elite athletes, sports teams, humanitarian work, clubs and volunteer work. However, for all of them, school comes first and so they limit their part-time work to 10 hours or less a week.

To view a video of a student perspective on the program, please click here.

Where Honours Social Science can take you!

Our HSS graduates area admitted at all the top schools in Canada, from coast-to-coast. Many go into the various disciplines within commerce, while others go into psychology, education, law, history, economics, human ecology and sustainability, journalism, political science, banking, and more.

Comments from our students

“I find Honours is a great preparation for university studies. The motivation of the other students always pushes you to work harder and the bond that is created between the students encourages you to help others to expand your own knowledge.”  — Jean-Sébastien Elie, École Secondaire Saint-Georges

” The Honours program offered at John Abbott College has given me the opportunity to challenge myself by working with other students interested in learning. In addition, it has also enable me to form close relationships with students in the group, which helped to enhance my college experience.”  — Caitlin Furtado, St-Thomas High School

Honours Social Science Profiles






Admission Requirements

CEGEP Requirements

A Secondary School Diploma which includes:
  • Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
  • Secondary 5 Second Language
  • Secondary 4 Mathematics
  • Secondary 4 Science and Technology
    OR Secondary 4 Applied Science and Technology
  • Secondary 4 History and Citizenship Education

Program Prerequisites

This program has specific prerequisites.

Social Science ~ Sec. IV Mathematics Cultural, Social and Technical Option

Social Science with Math ~ Sec. V Mathematics Technical & Scientific Option OR Sec. V Mathematics Science Option

Social Science Commerce ~ Sec. V Mathematics Technical & Scientific Option OR Sec. V Mathematics Science Option

OR a Secondary School Vocational Diploma which includes:
  • Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
  • Secondary 5 Second Language
  • Secondary 4 Mathematics

Please Note

Applicants who have not studied in Québec must have education deemed equivalent by the College.

How To Apply

John Abbott College is affiliated with the Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain (SRAM) and uses its online application service.

The application deadline is March 1.

Warning: The documents and payment must be submitted by the deadline.


Program start: Fall

To apply:

  • Complete the online SRAM application
  • Select John Abbott and the Social Science program
    – Social Science: 300.M0
    – Social Science with Math: 300.M1 (particularity 1)
    – Social Science Commerce: 300.M1 (particularity 2)
  • Upload any necessary documents directly to your online SRAM application


  • Complete the online JAC application form below


Please read the whole form before filling it out. It is not possible to save an incomplete form to be completed at a later date, so have all of your information ready before you begin, including your Letter of Intent.

Admission Criteria for the Honours Social Science Program

Applicants must have an overall High School average in the low 80s and above. Depending on the strength of the group in any given year, they may or may not be sufficient to gain admission to the program.

Please note that all Honours Social Science applicants must also apply through SRAM for admission into the Social Science Program at John Abbott College.

This online application is a separate application for admission into the Honours Social Science Program at John Abbott College. Not being accepted into Honours Social Science has no influence on your application to the regular Social Science Program.

Please complete the following form

Honours Social Science Application Form / Formulaire de demande d’admission au programme spécialisé de Sciences humaines

  • (Remarque: le profil psychologique n'est accessible qu'aux étudiants de troisième session) / (Note: that the Psychology profile is only available to third semester students)
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 256 MB.
      Cette lettre ne doit pas compter plus de 900 mots. La lettre doit décrire vos intérêts en matière d’études ainsi que vos objectifs universitaires et professionnels, et indiquer les raisons pour lesquelles le programme spécialisé de Sciences humaines vous intéresse. Veuillez décrire vos activités parascolaires. / This letter must be no more than 900 words. The letter should describe your academic interests, your university and career goals, and explain why you are interested in the Honours Social Science Program. Please describe your extracurricular activities.
    • Veuillez saisir le nom de l’enseignante ou de l’enseignant qui envoie votre lettre de recommandation dans l’espace prévu à cet effet / Please enter the name of the teacher sending your reference letter in the provided space.

    Please arrange for a letter of reference to be sent from a High School teacher. This letter of reference should be sent by email by March 1 from the teacher to

    The letter should provide a candid and confidential assessment of you with respect to the following:

    • Your academic ability and desire to learn
    • Your work habits and leadership ability
    • Your maturity and dependability

    Note: The SRAM and HSS applications are evaluated independently. Admission to the regular Social Science program is not affected by the decision regarding HSS. Students will receive a regular JAC acceptance letter based on their SRAM application and a separate email regarding acceptance into HSS.

    Admissions Office
    514-457-6610 x5358, 5355 & 5361

    Honours Social Science Program Coordinator
    514 457-6610 x5102

    Student for a Day Program

    You are interested in John Abbott College and would like spend a few hours on campus?

    Please follow this link to fill out the form Student for a day, and someone will contact you to set up a time for you to come to JAC and discover our campus.

    During the tour, you will visit our newly renovated library, our sports facilities, the campus store, the cafeteria, etc. You will also be shown all the services offered on “Main Street”. If you have questions about application and programs, you can speak to someone in Admissions.

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