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Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of apps including Outlook, One Drive, Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Bookings, and more. All programs are accessible online or downloadable using your John Abbott College credentials.

Getting Started

How to Download Office

Download and install/reinstall Office 2021 on a PC or Mac 

How to Download Office

Getting Started with Microsoft 365

Get to know the Microsoft 365 suite through this curated video playlist.  

Video - Getting Started in your Microsoft Office Account

Learn how to log into Office 365 as well as access all of its apps with FOST team member Andrea Cooperberg.

MS Outlook

MS Outlook

Institutional email and calendar.

Publishing a Class Calendar Video

Create a class calendar in Outlook and share with your students as a webpage or embed as an HTML code on your Moodle page. 

Creating Rules to Manage your Outlook Inbox Video

This short video provides step-by-step instructions on creating automatic rules in your inbox for the web, PC, and Mac version of Outlook. Timestamps included!

Click here to watch!Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only.

Interactive Training on Outlook Rules

Follow along this interactive training to learn how to automatically sort or delete emails in your Outlook inbox. Discover how to create, edit, and delete rules that help you manage incoming emails more efficiently.

Click here to access!


How to Build a Website in Microsoft Teams - Using Sharepoint

MS Stream

Stream Permissions Example

Review video viewing permissions supported by MS Stream. 

Stream Permissions Example Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only.


Stream Update Video Details Permission

Review additional viewing permission supported by MS Stream. 

Stream Update Video Details Permission Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only.

MS Forms

MS Forms

Create surveys, quizzes, and live polling activities.

Introduction to Creating a Survey on MS Forms

Create a basic survey through MS Forms which includes multiple choice, text, and likert scale-type questions with FORP team member Belinda Gare.

How to Use Microsoft Forms

In this tutorial video, learn how to use MS Forms to create self-grading quizzes and surveys.

How to Work on Forms and Quizzes

This video features an overview of MS Forms for teachers and students.


PowerPoint Protection

This screenshot demonstrates how to protect your presentation to control what types of changes viewers can make. 

PowerPoint Protection Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only.

Microsoft Whiteboard
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