LÉA is a course management system accessible through Omnivox that allows you to share files and grades with your students as well as communicate with students directly.

Getting Started

Getting Started

LÉA: The Omnivox Classroom 

Get to know LÉA by creating assignments, gradebooks, and evaluation charts as well as learn how to share and organize files for your students on the Vanier College Digital Teaching website.

LEA Tools Overview

Effective Tools using LEA

This video presented by Cathy Dutton provides an overview of the various features on LEA including the difference between LEA and MIO and suggested uses of both platforms. Tutorials on how to use the summary, absences, assignments, online gradebook, calendar, class and team forum, and other menu options included as well. 

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Creating Evaluations

Creating Evaluation Charts in LEA

Access your evaluation chart for a specific course and learn how to create an assessment, bonus assessment, or penalty assessment in this resource created by Vanier College.

Creating Evaluation Charts in LEA  – Click here

Creating Assignments

Assignments in LÉA

Create an assignment dropbox and upload assignment feedback in LEA. Presented by Dario Guiducci from the FORP team. 

Assignments in LÉA  Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 

LÉA - How to Create Assignments

Create assignments and dropboxes in LÉA to allow students to submit their work electronically by following these steps.

LÉA – How to Create Assignments

Enabling Forums

Enabling Forums

This document describes the use of forums in LÉA as an interactive way for students to engage with your course. 

LÉA – How to Use Forums  Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 

Accessing Gradebook

Accessing Gradebook

Import your grades from the Moodle gradebook into LEA with this step by step guide with accompanying screenshots. 

LÉA Gradebook – How to Import Grades  Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 

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