Comodal Teaching

Learn how to set-up a comodal meeting with the Owl camera!

Watch this recorded FoST/FRP session presented by Geneviève Caron to get to know the comodal classroom set-up using the Owl camera. 

Click hereLink currently available to John Abbott College Employees only.

For a simple guide to using the Owl camera for comodal classes including a checklist and instructions, click here! 

Comodal Room Set-Up (H-426)

This guide presents an overview of the comodal room (H-426) as well as how to set up a comodal class. 

Comodal Room Set-Up (H-426)

Last updated March 2022. 

Creating Video Recordings

Creating Tablet Capture Videos

This guide for creating tablet capture videos walks instructors through the “digital whiteboard” style recorded lecture and provides tools to do so. 

Click here to access the how-to guide 


CourseFlow - Design your course

SALTISE CourseFlow is an interactive instructional design application that can be used on its own on through Moodle.

CourseFlow SALTISE

Active Learning

Active Learning Strategies 

This article by the Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning provides a list of active learning strategies as well as tips for implementing them in your classroom. 

Active Learning Strategies 

Active Learning while Physical Distancing 

This document prepared by Louisiana State University provides active learning strategies that can be used in online synchronous and asynchronous environments as well as physically distanced in the classroom. 

Active Learning while Physical Distancing 

Engaging Students with Active Learning Workshop

This presentation reviews active learning (AL) strategies for the online and in-person classroom. 

WS1-Engaging Students with Active Learning Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 

Course Design

Course Design Considerations for Inclusion and Representation

This action plan developed by Quality Matters explores evidence-based practices for developing and sustaining universally accessible environments.

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Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Model: Why, How, and Overview

In this brief 5-minute introductory video, get to know the flipped classroom approach as well as 8 easy steps to flip your class.

Flipped Learning can be a Key to Transforming Teaching and Learning Post-Pandemic

Learn about the advantages of flipped learning in the post-pandemic classroom in this article by EdSurge News. 

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Seven Things You Should Know about Flipped Classrooms

This article by EDUCAUSE summarizes the flipped classroom approach. 

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Understanding the Flipped Classroom

Curious about the flipped classroom? This 2-part introductory article will walk you through some of the background information that supports this approach. 

For information on logging into your Faculty Focus account via Magna Publications, click here.

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Bridging the Gap between Pre-Work and In-Class Sessions in the Flipped Classroom

Discover ways to link independent student work and in-class sessions when using a flipped classroom approach. 

For information on logging into your Faculty Focus account via Magna Publications, click here. 

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Where Can I Find Flippable Moments in my Classroom (20-Minute Mentor)

Instead of flipping your entire course, find flippable moments. In this 20-Minute Mentor video, flip consultants define the flipped classroom and provide practical tips on how to implement this method in your class. 

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Flipped Classrooms - Benefits and Steps

This brief article written by the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University describes the benefits and outlines basic steps for implementing this approach.  

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The Flipped Classroom - A Guide for Librarians, Faculty and Students

This guide developed by the University of Toronto defines the Flipped Classroom as well as the instructor and students’ respective responsibilities. 

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Engaging Students

Classroom Engagement Podcast and Rubric

Classroom Engagement Podcast and Rubric 

In Episode 15 of the Faculty Focus podcast, Melissa Schettler discusses increasing student engagement by using a rubric (sample rubric linked here). 

Teaching Presence

This infographic walks through 6 strategies for effective teaching presence including tips on course design, facilitating discourse, direct instruction, and platforms. 

Teaching Presence

Creating Emotional Engagement in Online Learning 

This articles discusses evidence-based tips for creating emotional engagement in online learning settings such as focusing on the teacher-student relationship, organizing online platforms, and more.  

Creating Emotional Engagement in Online Learning 

Turning on the Camera

This document highlights the importance of encouraging students to turn on their cameras while taking into account reasons why students may not feel comfortable doing so and providing some alternatives. 

Turning on the Camera 

Adult Learning

Getting Started with Andragogy

This infographic contains resources to introduce you to important concepts in andragogy (i.e., adult learning). Find brief articles and more extensive workshops! 

Getting Started with Andragogy

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