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There are many ways we can support you! Request a one-on-one appointment, speak with a pedagogical counsellor, or join our Teaching and Learning Communities by contacting us with the information included in this document.

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Winter 2022 Techno-Pedagogical Event

View the conference program with detailed schedule and session descriptions, click here

The full day schedule is available here

Click here to register for the event! Please register before January 2, 2022 if you plan on joining us for lunch. Registration is permitted until the morning of the event, however, a meal/drinks will not be provided. 

All event materials shared by presenters will be uploaded here.Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only 


Resources Available

As a John Abbott College employee, you have free access to several paid subscriptions including those from Magna Publications, LinkedIn Learning, ProfWeb, and Infobase! To view and download an infographic detailing these resources as well as how to log-in, click here

20 Minute Mentor - Teaching and Learning Video Series

The 20-Minute Mentor is a video series by the Teaching Professor that answer common questions related to teaching and learning.  

Log-in using the account your created for Magna Publications. Detailed instructions can be found by clicking here.

Be sure to check out the Fall 2021 Monday Morning Mentor Series schedule by clicking here! 

Adobe Education Exchange – Free Lessons, Activities, and Projects for your Class

Adobe Education Exchange

Sign-up using your John Abbott College credentials and discover free lessons, activities, and projects for your class! Free teaching resources available as well. 


AMEQ en Ligne - Quotidien Francophone

AMEQ en ligne est un quotidien francophone qui vise à partager les communiqués de presse provenant de tous les niveaux scolaires et organismes gouvernementaux.  

Connectez-vous en utilisant le compte que vous avez créé sur le site avec votre adresse e-mail John Abbott.

AQPC - Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale 

AQPC is an association for educators that promotes pedagogical practices at the college level.

AESTQ - Association pour l’enseignement de la science technologie au Québec

L’AESTQ a pour mission de contribuer à l’amélioration de la qualité de l’enseignement de la science et de la technologie afin que la culture scientifique prenne une place importante au Québec.

CCDMD - Exercices Interactifs

CCDMD’s Learning Centre provides students with educational resources developed by experienced CEGEP teachers and provides teachers with resources to complement their lessons or even assign as homework!

Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC) - Open Research Archive

The CDC manages an open archive that collects and disseminates documents pertaining to teaching and learning in the Quebec Cegep network.

Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC)

Centre for Continuing Education New Faculty Onboarding

This Moodle course contains continuously updated resources for Continuing Education faculty at John Abbott College. This course features an overview of college systems, policies, preparing a course outline as well as teaching and learning resources.  

For more information or to enroll in the course, please contact

CICan - Colleges and Institutes Canada

CICan is the national and international voice of Canada’s publicly supported higher education institutions including cegeps.

CODEPYTHON Youtube Channel - Tech Tutorials

This Youtube channel provides hundreds of free video tutorials on the topic of technology including many on various MS Teams features. 

CODEPYTHON Youtube Channel

Contact North - Online Teaching and Learning Resources

Although Contact North specifically supports education in rural Ontario, valuable online teaching resources are available to everyone.

DO-IT – Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology

The DO-IT center is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities through technology and education. It promotes awareness and accessibility to maximize individual potential.

EDUCAUSE Review - Why IT Matters in Higher Education

EDUCAUSE Review is a magazine for the higher education IT community. The magazine reviews current developments and trends in information technology at the college/university level.

Eductive (Formerly Profweb) – Technology in College-Level Teaching

Eductive promotes educational digital resources and pedagogical strategies for colleges.

Log-in using the account you created on the website by submitting a Web space request using your John Abbott College email address. Click here to create an account!

eThink Education Resources - LMS Instructional Resources

eThink provides instructional guides for various online learning management systems including Moodle.

Faculty Focus - Evidence-based Articles for Higher Education

Faculty Focus provides evidence-based articles on higher education teaching strategies. 

Log-in using the account your created for Magna Publications. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Click here for a quick start guide on logging in to your account and to review our list of recommended resources from this site!

Infobase - Educators’ Questions, Answered!

Infobase provides videos responding to some of educators’ most commonly asked questions. Log-in using your John Abbott College e-mail address and password. 

Click here for a quick start guide on logging in to your account and to review our list of recommended resources from this site!

JAC One Stop Shop – Services Available to Students

Not sure where to refer students to for resources and services at the college? Visit the JAC One Stop Shop for everything from Academic Advising to Financial Assistance and Student Union.

LCEEQ - Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec

LCEEQ is a professional learning community that promotes educational leaderships within the English educational community.

LinkedIn Learning - Professional Development Courses

LinkedIn Learning offers both short and more extensive online courses taught by business, creative, and technology experts.  

Log-in using your John Abbott College e-mail address and password.

Le Pavillon – Ressources éducatives numériques

Le Pavillon is a MES developed library of digital resources and services that optimizes accessibility and encourages sharing of digital tools in higher education.

Plan F – Plan d’amélioration et de valorisation du français

Le CÉGEP Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu a lancé son Plan F, une plateforme en ligne qui regroupe des outils pour faciliter la rédaction, la révision linguistique et l’apprentissage du français. 


Microsoft Education- EduDay Webinars On-Demand

Created by Microsoft Education, EduDay Webinars are available both on-demand and live to provide you with tips and best practice for supporting remote, hybrid, and in person learning. 

Microsoft Education- EduDay Webinars On-Demand

Mr. Tompkins Ed Tech- Educational Technology Tutorials

This Youtube channel provides video tutorials on various educational technology tips as well as quick lessons on various math-related topics. 

Mr Tompkins EdTech Youtube Channel

Quality Matters- Quality Online Learning

Quality Matters is a non-profit organization that provides support for online teaching. 

Sign-up for your Quality Matters account by using your John Abbott College email address and creating a password. Click here to sign-up. 

Click here to access Quality Matters. 

SALTISE - Supporting Active Learning and Technological Innovation

Supporting Active Learning and Technological Innovation in Studies of Education is a learning community comprised of instructors and professional development staff in Quebec.

Click here to sign-up for the SALTISE newsletterValuable information pertaining to webinars and workshops, instructional guides and materials, platforms that support instruction and learning, and the annual Conference will be shared. 

STLHE - Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The STLHE strives to be the national voice for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education and supports increased awareness, research, dissemination, and application of scholarly approaches to teaching and learning. Find resources, events, and grants!

STLHE – Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning

This free downloadable e-textbook examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in the age of technology. 

Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning

Teaching Professor - Resources and Articles for College-Level Educators

The Teaching Professor provides resources and articles on a variety of pedagogical topics that apply specifically to the college level.  

Log-in using the account your created for Magna Publications. Detailed instructions can be found by clicking here.

Click here for a quick start guide on logging in to your account and to review our list of recommended resources from this site! 

The Best of the 2021 Teaching Professor Conference:
Conference proceedings and engaging articles on designing effective writing assignments, promoting diversity and inclusion, increasing online student retention, and getting students to read what’s assigned. Click here to access! Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only

VitalSource – Digital Textbooks and Resources

Redeem your VitalSource textbook, use the eTextbook reader, access free resources (e.g., articles, cue cards, books, manuals).


Wellbeing Resources to Share with Students

Review guides for dealing with emotionally distressed students as well as important information pertaining to student counselling services at JAC. 

Click here to access via Omnivox Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 


Tools Available and Comparison Table

Not sure which polling tool or asynchronous activity platform to use in your class? This website is intended to help you select the best tool for your class. Descriptions, account and log-in information, and support links are provided for all.

Articulate - Create an online course

This platform allows you to build an online course

Design Process for Creating Online Courses Course

Bitly - Shorten Website URLs

Shorten and customize website links using bitly. 


Canva - Easily design slides, posters, infographics, and videos

Canva is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create presentation slides, posters, infographics, and videos. Stock images, videos, fonts, and music are included.

To watch a recorded workshop session on 5 Ways to Use Canva in your Class, click here! Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 

To watch a quick start tutorial on Canva for beginners, click here!

Click here to read an article about lesser-known educational uses of Canva! 


CATME SMARTER Teamwork - Allow Students to Manage their Group Work

CATME SMARTER prepares students to work effectively in teams and allows faculty to manage the team experience. 


ComPAIR – Peer Feedback

In ComPAIR, students see pairs of their peers’ assignments presented side-by-side for criteria-guided comparison and feedback. Students learn by comparing and identifying strengths or weaknesses which encourages productive peer feedback and critical thinking.

  • For the compare Instructor Guide and access information, click here. 
  • Watch a SALTISE webinar recording by clicking here. 
CourseFlow - Design your course

SALTISE CourseFlow is an interactive instructional design application that can be used on its own on through Moodle.

CourseFlow SALTISE

Gradescope - Administer and Grade Evaluations

Gradescope allows you to administer and grade assessments anywhere. 

For an extensive list of resources to support your use of Gradescope for assessments, click here

Discover Gradescope with Vikram Singh, Beth Acton and Chris Levesque by watching this FoST/FRP session recording. Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 




Handbrake - Transcode videos

Handbrake allows you to convert and compress videos to various formats of codecs. 


Hypothesis - Open-source social annotation

Hypothesis is an open-source social annotation service that starts with uploading an article URL or file.

To learn more about Hypothesis, click here!

iorad – Create interactive tutorials

Instantly make guided, step-by-step directions for any website directly in your browser. iorad is a quick and easy tutorial creator on the web and is available as a Google Chrome extension.

For an example created at JAC, click here 

Learning Branch - Assessment and Training Platform

Learning Branch is an assessment and training platform commonly used in language courses at John Abbott College.

Learning Branch Portal Link

Contact the John Abbott College Language Resource Centre to set up your instructor’s account and for training. Log-in using your John Abbott College email address as your instructor ID. 

Teachers can also search for articles on the Learning Branch for Education page.

Mentimeter - Create interactive questions

Create live polls, quizzes, and wordclouds in your online or in-person classroom. Participate on any device using an access code. Available as a MS Team app as well! Free limited use is available.

Click here for support on this platform! 

Mindmeister - Mind-mapping application

MindMeister is a collaborative web-based mind-mapping application.  

To learn more about MindMeister, click here! 

Miro - Online Collaborative Brainstorming

Creative online brainstorming tool that offers options to post virtual sticky notes, diagrams and more. Collaborate with colleagues or students for free. 

Free account includes 3 editable boards at a time with some premade templates.

myDALITE - Implement peer instruction

SALTISE myDALITE is a social learning platform that guides students through multiple choice questions using peer instruction.

To view a demo of myDALITE, click here!

Nearpod - Add interactivity to your presentation slides

Nearpod allows you to create collaborative and engaging activities including gamified quizzes, polls, and more.


OBS Studio - Record videos and live stream

OBS is as free and open source software to record videos and live stream. 

OBS Studio Video Recording and Live Streaming

To watch a tutorial on using OBS presented, click here! Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 


Open Shot - Edit Videos

Open Shot is a free video editing software. 

Open Shot Video Editor

Padlet- Social curation platform

Padlet is a collaborative pinboard that allows visual concept map, timeline, map, and collage formats. 

To access the Padlet knowledge base and support, click here! 

PollEV - Share interactive online polls

Create interactive polls, surveys, and quizzes for your live lectures.

Quizlet - Create online flashcards

Create your own flashcards or consult existing ones. Explanations available on many topics by searching by keyword or textbook. 

For help with Quizlet, click here!


SMART Board - Interactive Display

To access the SMART support website to consult resources on all SMART products, click here. 

To access a recorded SMART Board Training presented at JAC by Bruce Tracy, click here. Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 

For video tutorials, click here to access the SMART Youtube channel. 

SyncTube - Watch videos simultaneously

Sync Tube allows you and your students to watch videos synchronously without sharing screens. 


Teammates - Create Peer Evaluations

Teammates in an online platform that allows you to create and invite students to complete an online peer evaluation of their group members.

Set up confidential peer evaluations with shareable instructor comments. For more information watch the following video.


To watch a tutorial, click here Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only.

Testmoz - Distribute online tests

Easily create tests for your class with automatic grading! Supports different types of media embedded in the questions as well.

Visual Classrooms - Set-up collaborative discussion boards

Visual Classrooms is a research validated discussion and collaboration platform. For more information click here

Vocaroo - Voice Recording Service

Record yourself and share the audio link with students or colleagues. Potential uses include oral feedback or providing instructions. 


Wooclap - Gamified live question and asynchronous quiz creation

Add highly interactive polls, questions, and surveys in your class presentation. Possibility to gamify as well!

Click here to access a PDF outlining the basic steps to get started!

For more information, check out their Youtube channel here

Meeting the Challenges of Face-to-Face Teaching:

This resource developed by Wooclap provides practical tip for implementing interactive activities in your class. Meeting the Challenges of face to face teaching

Workload Estimator - Calculate your course's workload

Estimate your course’s workload with this tool developed by Wake Forest University.

Workload Estimator

Communities - A Place to Share

John Abbott College’s Faculty online Support Team (FoST)

To join the Faculty online Support Team (FoST) on MS Teams, click here.

John Abbott College’s Co-Modal Team

To Join this community of practice please contact

John Abbott College’s Blended Learning Team

To join the John Abbott College Blended Learning Community on MS Teams, click here. 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) - Community for Exchange in Higher Education

SoTL promotes engagement in a community of exchange with the purpose of sharing resources, research, and problem solving in higher education.

Digital Competencies

Digital Competency Framework

The Digital Competency Framework seeks to foster a better understanding of digital competencies for Quebec students and teachers. This reference tool is intended to support pedagogical planning and educational projects in higher education. 

Digital Competency Framework

PUNT Committee Presentation - Digital Competency Framework

Find below Pedagogical Counsellor Andrea Cooperberg’s presentation slides on the topic of the Digital Competency Framework presented at PUNT on October 21, 2021. 

PUNT Committee Presentation – Digital Competency Framework

Link currently available to John Abbott College employees only. 




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