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Information for Parents

Confidentiality of student information is an important and sensitive issue. It is important for parents to understand that CEGEPs are bound by law (Access to Information Act) to respect the privacy of their students if they are 18 years of age or older. This means that grades, progress reports, transcripts and all personal information are kept confidential. It is therefore impossible to provide documentation whether on registration, transcripts, schedules, tax statements, proof of attendance, graduation, etc., or to discuss the academic progress (attendance, grades, etc.), without first obtaining written permission from the student.

We encourage students to take ownership of their studies. John Abbott College offers many services to support students. Please find out more about all the Services available at John Abbott College.

Why don’t I see semester fees?

When students receive their acceptance letter, they must confirm their attendance by paying a fee of $162 – the fee for the first semester for Quebec residents. Books and materials are not included in this fee. Fees for courses that require additional fees will be added after course registration.

Do I have outstanding fees?

The student should go to the Payment Centre on Omnivox to verify if any fees are outstanding.

How do I get proof of attendance and/or get a form for RESP stamped?

Once students have registered for their courses, they can request through Omnivox under Document Request, Proof of Attendance or Form Validation.

How do I get a form for RESP stamped?

Once students have registered for their courses, they can send the form to MIO Registrar’s Office or email and pay the Form Validation fee through Omnivox under Document Request, Form Validation. The form will be scanned and returned by MIO. The form can also be submitted at the Registrar’s Office front desk and filled out in 24 – 48 hours.

When can I get a proof of attendance and/or get a form stamped?

The letter of attendance can be requested or the form can be stamped only when the student’s course registration is completed.

Will you send my proof of attendance to my email?

No, the letter of attendance can be sent to the student by MIO (Message in Omnivox) or can be picked up by the student at the Registrar’s Office (Herzberg 128).

Can I have a copy of a student’s schedule?

No, as per the Access to Information Act. Please ask your child for a copy.

How can I get my tuition tax receipts?

Students must access the tuition tax receipts on their Omnivox, My Omnivox Services, Tax Receipt.

How can I get a transcript?

Students can request a transcript through Omnivox, Document Request, Official Transcript.

I had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in high school, does it still apply in Cégep?

For information, please consult the Access Centre page on the website.

How do I get a locker?

Students book their locker on Omnivox.

The information evening is designed for the parents of new students who have been admitted to a pre-university program, and the parents and new students admitted to a three-year career program. Program-specific information and general information is given by a representative of the program, a John Abbott College resource person, and often a JAC student.

Information Evening is not available in the winter semester.

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