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Activate your Omnivox Account (My JAC Portal), please click on next tab “Setting up your student profile”

Confirm your acceptance and pay your $162.00 confirmation fee

Consider a donation to the JAC Foundation

Update your emergency contact information on Omnivox

Get to know your Omnivox

Check MIOs and Information Intended for you regularly

Do you need to register for a summer Mathematics or Science make-up course?

MAY 29: Information Evening

AUGUST 5 – 12: Online registration for new students

AUGUST 15 – 21: Attend your orientation session

AUGUST 22: Classes begin

SEPTEMBER 20 – 26: Student course validation

Activating your Omnivox Account (My JAC Portal)


Omnivox (My JAC Portal) is an interactive online service for students to access and update their student and course-related information.
It can be used in either English or French at or by downloading the Omnivox Mobile app ** on your mobile device (iOS or Android)
**Your Omnivox Mobile account will only be accessible once your initial setup has been completed on a computer.



  1. Go to;
  2. Under “Students”, click on “First Use?
  3. Enter your student ID number and your date of birth (your student ID number can be found on your letter of acceptance and should be identical to your SRAM application number);
  4. Click on “Validate”;
  5. Select three security questions and enter an answer for each one;
  6. Click on “Continue”;
  7. Enter a password that you will use each time you use Omnivox;
  8. Re-enter the password and click on “Confirm”.

It is very important that the College know whom to contact on your behalf in the case of emergency.
Using Omnivox Services for Students, enter your emergency contact information.

  1. Go to;
  2. Select “Personal File”;
  3. Select “Phone Number”; Select “Modify”;
  4. Type in the name of a person to contact during an emergency, along with their phone number. Select “Apply”;
  5. Click on “Email”; Select “Modify”;
  6. Update your email address. Select “Apply”.

How to confirm acceptance

To confirm that you will be attending John Abbott College, carefully read the following instructions and choose the confirmation and payment option that best suits your needs.

Option One – By Internet

If you haven’t already done so, please refer to the section on Setting up your Omnivox account (My JAC Portal) for detailed instructions on how to set up your student profile and account.

Students with access to the internet can confirm their acceptance by paying their fees using a credit card on our secure site using John Abbott College’s Omnivox Services for Students or the Omnivox Mobile app.

  1. Go to, or launch the Omnivox Mobile app (iOS or Android)
  2. Under My Omnivox Services, select “Payment Centre”;
  3. Select “To Pay”;
  4. Select “Pay Selected Invoices”. At this point you can also contribute to the John Abbott College Foundation
  5. Select “Go to Online Secure Payment”;
  6. Enter credit card information;
  7. Select “Make Payment”.
Option Two- By Mail
  1. Print and complete the Confirmation Form
  2. Attach your cheque of $162.00 payable to John Abbott College. You may also wish to include a separate cheque payable to the John Abbott College Foundation.
  3. Mail your confirmation form and cheque by the deadline indicated on your acceptance letter.

If you decide not to attend the College, please email


If you have confirmed your acceptance and wish to cancel it, you must submit written notification to the Admissions Office by email to Include your name, Student ID number, program and reason for cancellation.

If your notification is received before August 22, 2024 you will receive a $142.00 refund.
If your notification is received between August 22 and September 19, you will receive a $71.00 refund.

A cheque will be mailed to your address, as it appears on Omnivox, after September 19, 2024.

How much will it cost?

There are no tuition fees for Québec residents. However, that does not mean that there are no costs involved with studying in CEGEP. The following information will give you an idea of what you might be expected to pay so that you can be more financially prepared for your college studies.


You will be required to pay the following fees every semester:

Registration Fee $20.00
Educational Support Fee $25.00
Student Services Fee $72.00
Student Association Fee $45.00
Total $162.00

*Please note that these amounts are subject to change


Every semester, you will be expected to purchase textbooks for the classes in which you are registered. The cost of textbooks varies from program to program and from class to class within a program, so the figures that follow are approximate and constitute a range of what you might expect to pay per semester. The figures were obtained by doing a survey of actual College Bookstore costs for a selection of students registered in each program. The costs shown below are provided to you as a budget-planning tool only and are subject to change. Second-hand books are sometimes available through the College Bookstore and are also posted for sale by students on the Secondhand Book List posted on Omnivox.

Program Name Book price range per year Equipment and materials
Arts, Literature & Communication From $200 to $400 $50
Biopharmaceutical Production Technology From $200 to $300 $250 to $300
Business Management From $270 to $500 $50
Computer Science Technology From $350 to $450
Criminology Intervention
From $245 to $320 $200 to $300
Dental Hygiene From $300 to $700 Approximately $8000
Engineering Technologies From $420 to $700 $50 to $75
Graphic & Web Design From 300 to $400 $200
Information and Library Technologies From $150 to $300 $60 to $100
Liberal Arts From $320 to $450
Nursing From $500 to $1000 $600 to $1200
Police Technology From $150 to $320 $150 to $300
Paramedic Care From $150 to $300 $800 to $900
Pharmacy Technology From $200 to $400 $100
Professional Theatre From $150 to $225
Science (includes Arts & Sciences, Double DEC) From $320 to $450
Social Science From $320 to $450
Social Science – Commerce From $300 to $600
Visual Arts From $250 to $450 $30 to $130



Extra costs might be incurred for items over and above book costs, for example:

  • A physical education course might have a travel fee or might require the purchase of specific clothing or equipment.
  • A photography class would require the use of a 35mm or digital camera and the purchase of film and photographic paper.
  • An English class might involve seeing a play requiring the purchase of a ticket or might have a travel fee.
  • A science class would require the purchase of a lab coat and safety glasses.
  • A visual arts class would have extra costs related to the purchase of art material.
  • A first semester nursing student must purchase a uniform, shoes, watch, stethoscope, scissors, pay for immunizations and register with the Order of Nurses.

The above are just some of the items that could affect your budget. For more information, contact the Financial Assistance Office at


Admission Eligibility Verification

If you have completed or are completing your secondary school education in another province, you must provide the Admissions Office with an official transcript indicating successful completion of your Secondary School Diploma and/or specific program prerequisites.

These grades must be received by the first day of classes. Failure to comply with this request could jeopardize your acceptance.

Student Fees

Students who do not qualify for Quebec Resident Status will be subject to tuition fees in the amount of $1780.00* per semester. These fees will appear on your Payment Centre in Omnivox and are due by the first day of classes.
*Please note that this amount is subject to change


International Tuition Fees

International Fees click here

Send us your legal documents

If you have completed or are completing your secondary school education in another country, you must provide the Admission Office with an official transcript indicating successful completion of your Secondary School Diploma by the first day of classes. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of your acceptance.

Study Permit and CAQ

You must provide the Registrar’s Office with a copy of your study Permit and CAQ by the first day of classes. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of your acceptance.

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