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Sport is essential to all cultures in the modern era and can be traced back to ancient civilizations. It is a complex social phenomenon deserving serious study. It has been analyzed by scientists, social scientists, historians, philosophers and business specialists, and is the foundation of many creative works of art and literature. Sport is meaningful as a window onto self and society. Rooted in play, it offers performers and viewers a path to wonder. To engage in sports is to participate in humanity’s search for excellence, to be drawn to the beautiful and the awesome. Yet it is also to witness how the search for excellence can be corrupted when mere play yields to the demands of money and political power. Drawing from a wide list of courses, the Sports Studies Certificate (SSC) will allow students to explore the various aspects of the sporting phenomenon. Please follow this link to view the course list.

Please follow this link to view the course descriptions.


Why sign up for the SSC?

Sport is a major social phenomenon. It reflects human psychology and societal norms. It is studied by scientists and non-scientists alike. It is a huge industry, with the sale of sports-related apparel, footwear and equipment alone reaching almost half a trillion dollars globally in 2018. The suspension of sporting activities during the pandemic endangered the mental and physical health of many youth. People need to express their physicality and will inevitably do so through sport. We study sport to better understand ourselves and our world.

Which academic disciplines study sport?

Many do, as sport is so fascinating. These obviously include the health sciences and management, in view of sport’s physicality and presence in industry. But they also include psychology, anthropology, history, sociology, geography, religion and philosophy. Sport is a vital component of media studies. It has inspired many novelists, poets, and artists. Many mathematicians and physicists are drawn to sport as a way to explain basic concepts to students. There are over 50 university sports science programs and over 60 university management programs alone in Canada. Many other university programs will formally include sports-related courses to their curriculum. Bishop’s University offers a B.A. in Sports Studies. To sign up for the SSC is to become part of a wide family of specialists captivated by sport.

What do I need to graduate with the SSC?

You need to complete six courses with a sports-specific theme. The list of eligible courses is drawn from disciplines in General Education, Social Science and Business Management, and can be found above. More courses will be added to the list in upcoming months. You can sign up for the SSC any time by contacting the SSC Coordinator.

Does taking the certificate entail additional work?

No. The six courses that you need to complete will be directly credited to your DEC. They are not additional courses.

How to apply

Please follow this link to access the registration form.

For more information, please contact:
Sports Studies Coordinator
514 457-6610, extension 5178

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