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Peace and Social Justice Studies


General Information

The Peace and Social Justice Studies Certificate brings together College courses which inform students about world issues and their impacts on their personal lives. Students are then empowered to take action.


Generally the following themes have been identified as making a course a Peace and Social Justice Studies course. Special projects undertaken by students will also reflect these themes:

  • Issues of war and peace in their social, political, historic, religious and economic contexts;
  • Investigation into militarism, the threat of nuclear and mass destruction weapons, and their environmental contexts;
  • Inquiries about social justice – poverty, inequality, forms of domination and oppression including, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, patriarchy, Islamophobia, elitism, xenophobia, ageism and sexism;
  • Explorations of peace in a “positive” sense – interpersonal relations based on respect for the environment and the person, conflict resolution, non-violent alternatives, the search for spiritual peace and moderated consumerism;
  • Examination of important social movements that seek to achieve change that promotes freedom, dignity, racial equality and a respect for human rights (Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA2+ Rights, Migrant Rights, Climate Justice, etc.)

Students may register for the certificate any time between their acceptance into the College and the drop deadline for their graduating semester.


PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE STUDIES Certificate complements any DEC

Peace and Social Studies is a certificate you can gain credit for WHILE you do your DEC in a regular program.  It requires you to choose six courses from the Peace and Social Justice Studies Course list.

The certificate encourages a self-identified focus on peace, and calls for a special project, but it does not entail extra work on top of your DEC requirements.  It simply adds value to your diploma.

To obtain the Certificate, a student must take at least six courses designated as Peace and Social Justice Studies courses.  Within one of these courses, each student completes a special project, a self-defined project which is aligned with an assignment already required for the course.

How to apply

For more information, please contact the coordinator of the Peace and Social Justice Studies Certificate:
(telephone) 514-457-6610, extension 5448

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