Time Management

Time management is your effort to organize your time in a productive way. Use a combination of suggested strategies for long-term and short-term planning, and organize each day to optimize your time. To stay motivated, strive to be realistic in your planning and maintain a healthy school-life balance.

Long-term planning (semester, month)

  • Use a monthly calendar or an agenda to track long term events or assignments.
  • Use and maintain an assignment tracker (such as myHomework or PowerPlanner)
  • Understand and establish routines.

Short-term planning (week)

  • Use a weekly schedule with time blocks.
  • Start with blocking off reoccurring events (such as class times, athletic training, tutoring, counselling sessions, or family obligations).
  • Set your goals for the week and use a system to track it.
  • Set aside some time in case a task takes longer than expected.

Day-to-day organization

  • Utilize daily to do lists and rank them based on priority. You can try the Eisenhower method.
  • Use an app in order to stay on task but to also allow for consistent breaks (Pomodoro is a good example).
  • Utilize phones to set up daily reminders.
  • Use post-it-notes or little notebooks with lists of tasks.


Remember to add balance to your plan:

  • Convert mundane tasks into more enjoyable ones such as studying with flash cards, making supper into a dance workout.
  • Save times when you fully disconnect from social media and electronic devices.
  • Schedule regular breaks.
  • Reward yourself after completing your daily tasks.


Delaying, putting off, or pushing to the last minute the completion of a task or tasks such as studying for an exam, starting an assignment or doing house chores may all sound familiar.

Procrastinating does not mean that you are lazy. Perhaps, you are afraid of starting, you don’t feel you have all the information needed, you are seeking perfection or you are waiting to be in the right frame of mind. There are many reasons that might be keeping you stuck and there are many ways to help you get back on track!

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