Pre-University Programs

Double DEC: Science & Social Science


The Double DEC program at John Abbott offers students the possibility to take both of the principle pre-university programs at the same time. This enables a student who is willing to make a three-year commitment to have virtually all of their options open for university. The Double DEC student takes the same courses as the regular Science and the regular Social Science student.


“Going from high school to CEGEP can be rough if you are not too sure about the future. The Double DEC offers a wide variety of courses for those with a thirst for knowledge.”
Luis Altuve

“The Double DEC is great if your are not sure what you want to pursue right now and if you would like to take some time to make a smart decision rather than rush into an uncertain one. The multitude of options allows you to explore many fields to see what you are interested in.”
Chris Genio

“Previously enrolled in Social Science only, I made the decision to switch into the Double DEC because I believed it would give me more options in terms of career choices. Also, a lighter course load per semester would allow me to focus fully on each class. Now I can confirm this… No regrets!”
Elyse Perrault

“Unsure about you future? Enjoy intellectual intrigue? Love a challenge? Then the Double DEC is for you. It offers three years of discovering new knowledge in every possible field of science and social science, bonding with a group of students with the same interests, and graduating with the possibility of going anywhere and doing anything.”
Melissa Ferland

Social Science Options

  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Classics
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sociology

Science Options

  • Biology
    General Biology
    Human Anatomy and Physiology
    Human Genetics
  • Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry
    Chemistry of the Environment
    Forensic Chemistry
  • Earth/Ocean Science
    Earth’s Dynamic Systems
    Understanding Planet Earth
    Introduction to Oceanography
  • Mathematics
    Calculus III
    Linear Algebra II
    Statistical Methods
  • Physics
    Physics for Engineers


What distinguishes the Double DEC program offered at JAC from others like it?

Double DEC students at JAC only take six courses per semester, instead of the seven or eight taken in both the Science and the Social Science program. They are preregistered as a group in all their required Science/Math and Social Science courses. This quickly enables them to get to know other students with the same interests. Also, Double DEC students get to choose their General Education courses (English, Humanities, Physical Education, and French), their Science Option courses, and their Social Science options (including those within the Commerce or Psychology profiles).

Where can this Double DEC take you?

The Double DEC makes it possible to incorporate virtually all university prerequisites into our three-year program. Universities encourage students to have a broad background of studies and look very favorably on this Double DEC. Our graduates have gone on in fields such as Engineering, Law, Health Science, Marine Biology, Cognitive Science, Education, Business, Environmental Science, and Psychology.

Will taking the Double DEC adversely affect my CRC/"R" score?

A student’s CRC (or “R” score) is not adversely affected by being in the Double DEC. Our students receive a CRC for their Science courses, a separate CRC for their Social Science courses, and a combined CRC. These scores are based on the grades of all students taking a specific course in a given semester. If anything, taking six courses per semester might have a positive effect.

I am a student athlete. What are the advantages of the Double DEC for me?

The Science/Social Science Double DEC is a pre-university program. You can engage your interest in sports and athletics while continuing your education and preparing for university. The lighter per semester workload increases the chances that you can pursue your interest in sports without detriment to your grades. Since you will spend three years in CEGEP, you have the possibility to extend your participation in your particular sport.

My first language is French. I am worried that it will be difficult to maintain my good grades in another language.

Many of our students come to JAC from French-language high schools. The college provides specific help with language skills. The Double DEC Program may be of particular interest since the per semester course load (six) is lower than in other pre-university programs, thereby helping the student to adjust to learning in another language.

Admission Requirements

CEGEP Requirements

A Secondary School Diploma which includes:
  • Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
  • Secondary 5 Second Language
  • Secondary 4 Mathematics
  • Secondary 4 Science and Technology
    OR Secondary 4 Applied Science and Technology
  • Secondary 4 History and Citizenship Education

Program Prerequisites

This program has the same prerequisites as other science programs:
  • Sec. V Chemistry
  • Sec. V Physics
  • Sec. V Mathematics Technical & Scientific Option
    OR Sec. V Mathematics Science Option

Note: Admission requirements for Double DEC are the same as for the Science program.

OR a Secondary School Vocational Diploma which includes:
  • Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
  • Secondary 5 Second Language
  • Secondary 4 Mathematics

Please Note

Applicants who have not studied in Québec must have education deemed equivalent by the College.

How To Apply

John Abbott College is affiliated with the Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain (SRAM) and uses its online application service.

The application deadline is March 1 (Fall semester) and November 1 (Winter semester).

Warning: The documents and payment must be submitted by the deadline.

Program start: Fall and (Winter admission is possible — contact the Admissions Office)


To apply:

  • Complete the online SRAM application
  • Select John Abbott and the program of your choice along with the corresponding SRAM program number: 200.12
  • Upload any necessary documents directly to your online SRAM application

Students whose prerequisites are more than five years old should contact the Admissions office.

Admissions Office
514-457-6610 x5358, 5355 & 5361

Double DEC Program Coordinator
514-457-6610 x5983

Student for a Day Program

You are interested in John Abbott College and would like spend a few hours on campus?

Please follow this link to fill out the form Student for a day, and someone will contact you to set up a time for you to come to JAC and discover our campus.

During the tour, you will visit our newly renovated library, our sports facilities, the campus store, the cafeteria, etc. You will also be shown all the services offered on “Main Street”. If you have questions about application and programs, you can speak to someone in Admissions.

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