5 Benefits of Learning English through English Immersion Programs

Learning English through immersion can help students learn the language in a more natural way. Here are five major benefits of taking English immersion programs.


If you want to learn English in the most natural possible way, then immersion is the way to do it! Those who hope to learn English will need to truly commit to it, and they can do this by taking an immersion program.

With immersion, you will get to understand how others use and speak the language, so you can use it in ways that benefit you much more than simply learning about grammar and spelling. Best of all, immersion has many benefits, too. Here are five ways English immersion programs can help you improve your English skills.

1. You Can Learn How to Adapt to a New Culture

Although getting used to a new culture, language, and way of life, it is the best way to learn a language. If you’re learning English in an English-speaking city, you will need to figure out how to get around. Living in another city also means that you’ll learn a lot about its culture. Festivals, restaurants, and other parts of daily life will be yours to discover as you practice English in Montreal!

2. English Immersion Programs Make English Your Daily Life

Taking an English immersion course doesn’t mean you can participate in your classroom lessons each day and then leave. In fact, these programs encourage you to get involved in activities. If you live with a host family during your time here, English becomes a major part of your everyday life. As a result, you practice the language much more than you would back home.

3. You Can Practice it Often with Your Fellow Students

Since you are in a class with many other students learning English as a second language, you can take the opportunity to practice together and improve on what you have already learned in class. Your fellow students are just as nervous about speaking English as you are, so don’t feel that you need to be perfect!

English immersion programs can help you practice with others learning the language

4. You’ll Be More Confident Using the Language with Native Speakers

Speaking a new language around people who have spoken it their entire lives can be scary to think about. However, practicing English during your program can help give you a bigger vocabulary and more confidence and comfort speaking the language. You can use this new sense of comfort to speak English around people who are native speakers.

5. You Can Take Those Skills Back Home with You

Above all else, you’ll finish your immersion program with more English knowledge than you had before. For example, taking English immersion programs at John Abbott College allows you to study English immersion while also earning credits toward your school in your home country. Not only will you learn new skills and a new language while you are away from home, but you’ll also go back with new knowledge and a changed view of the world around you!

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