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Each student coming through Financial Assistance Services asking for help has a story. Those who receive financial aid from the Student Assistance Fund, do not have the means to cover the costs of basic living expenses, including educational expenses. There is no age to require financial aid. Our student population ranges from the ages of 16 to 65. They come from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
Below are some examples of student profiles or situations we encounter when evaluating students seeking assistance from Financial Assistance Services:
  • 18 year-old students living on their own with no parental support: a surprisingly high percentage of parents believe that once their children reach adulthood, they are no longer responsible for them financially;
  • Students who, due to unexpected processing delays, must wait between 2 to 6 months before receiving financial assistance from the government;
  • Students who find themselves working full-time (30 to 40 hours/ week) to make ends meet while maintaining a full course load, government assistance not being nearly enough;
  • Students who had to leave their family home for their own personal survival (unstable/dangerous home environment);
  • Students whose parents have recently had to declare personal bankruptcy;
  • Students who do not receive any financial support from their parents/family because the latter do not value education;
  • Students who are in school due to loss of employment;
  • Students who are married with children and are the sole family providers;
  • Students who come from rural regions where the rate of unemployment is high, leaving them financially strapped, especially with regards to school expenses;
  • Students who live in foster care;
  • Students who have been the victims of crime or natural disasters such as theft, identity theft, fire, flood, etc.
  • Students who are the head of a single-parent family and have between one and five dependent children and do not receive family support;
  • Students that are supporting their parents financially or contributing to household expenses.

Ways to Give

The ways that you can give to the Foundation are numerous. There are gifts of money, gifts of stock, gifts in-kind (services or products), and planned gifts (annuities, bequests or life insurance policies).

What all of these gifts have in common is how they benefit you at the same time as they benefit the College and our students. Few things are more satisfying than seeing a return on an investment that directly impacts society in such a positive and tangible way. When you donate to the John Abbott College Foundation, you help create academic opportunities for talented and ambitious students — the very people who will go on to make our world a better place.

  • Secure Online Donation
    A convenient, secure and cost-effective way to support the College.
  • By Mail (or Fax)
    Download our donation form and mail in your cheque or credit card information to:
    The John Abbott College Foundation
    21275 chemin Lakeshore
    Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, (Québec) H9X 3L9
  • Gifts-in-kind
    Donate an item for our Annual Golf Tournament’s silent or live auction, or giveaways for any of our other events. Your donated products help raise both the profile and additional funds for our events, in support of our students and programs.
  • Partnerships
    With the dozens of on-campus events that take place throughout the year, partnering with us in supporting our students has the added bonus of increased visibility for your business amongst John Abbott alumni, students, faculty and staff.
  • Matching Gifts
    Many companies have a matching grant policy for their employees’ donations, an easy way to “double” your gift to the John Abbott College Foundation. Talk to your employer to find out if this is a good option for you.
  • Gifts In Memory or In Honour
    Make your gift in honour or memory of a special individual, and their name will be listed on our donor recognition page.
  • Planned Giving
    When you designate the John Abbott College Foundation as the beneficiary of your will or life insurance policy, you make a pledge that will live on for generations to come.
  • Stock Options
    A gift of stock or other appreciated securities or assets results in tax savings for you.
  • Volunteer
    Donate your time as a volunteer on one of our many committees, help us network to find missing alumni, or give your time to help at an event on campus. Our volunteers are key resources that are always appreciated, and there is a unique satisfaction to be had in participating in such a personal and direct way.

For more information Contact Us:
Telephone: 514-457-6610 ext.: 5393 or E-mail:

Why Donate?

Make a contribution. Invest in the future of our students
do·nate /’dônât/
[Verb] To make a gift of money, time or services for a good cause..

Donating to the John Abbott College Foundation is much more than a financial transaction. Each gift is an expression of faith in the work we do, and your collective contributions are the lifeblood of the Foundation. When you give, you transfuse energy and possibility into the heart of our mission, which is to protect and nurture our most valuable resource – our students.

Your donations help us build on our stellar reputation as one of the top-ranked CEGEPs in Quebec. This is your opportunity to partner with us as we empower our students to progress, learn, communicate and become leaders in today’s society. We use your donations to build sustainable facilities and stay on the leading edge of technology and educational innovation. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in education within a technologically advanced environment not only attracts top-notch professors, but also generates strong, competitive students.

We believe it is our social responsibility to make a quality education accessible to all students, regardless of their financial means. This translates into monies and vouchers for food and books in order to help defray living expenses for students who otherwise would not be able to bridge the gap between limited finances and their education.

We are in the business of unleashing dreams and building a brighter future. When you donate to the Foundation, you become part of that bright, new future, because you have partnered with us in shaping the opportunities we give our students, many of whom go on to change the world for the better. You have the power to shape the future with your philanthropy.

Want to see a return on your investment? Come to graduation.

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