Annual Giving

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Annual Giving

Despite the many scholarships and bursaries available to John Abbott College students through our Financial Aid Services, there are times when some of our students need a little extra help in overcoming dire financial circumstances. To help students bridge the gap between their finances and educational goals, the Foundation has developed The Student Assistance Fund as an additional source of funding and is currently developing the Alumni Fund.

2022 Holiday Appeal

John Abbott College has been part of the community and a part of employee and student lives for 50 years. We have no way of knowing how many of our students come to class hungry because their cupboards are empty. We do know, however, that the number of requests for help is growing every year. Students, some with young children, are seeking help to try to make ends meet. School fees, groceries, textbooks, many of the day-to-day necessities that most take for granted, remain out of reach for a growing group of JAC students, our students.

The Student Assistance Fund, created by faculty & staff many years ago, exists to help those students, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to complete their studies, regardless of their financial situation.

The Holiday Appeal is one of the most important fundraisers of the year for our students in need. Did you know that your 2022-2023 donations raised $8,361.50?

The Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund was created to ensure that every one of our students has equal opportunity to complete their studies and achieve their goals. Our student population is a diverse one, and while some of our students can afford tuition, books, food, transportation, rent and heating bills, many struggle to cope with these basic living expenses. The reasons for this are varied: some of our students are dealing with challenging circumstances at home; some are single parents trying to balance their studies and work while supporting a child; some are recent immigrants without sufficient resources. This fund helps provide a quality education to students who want to better themselves, but just do not have enough money to do so.

The 2022-2023 Student Assistance Fund provided $29,652.92 to our students over and above any bursaries they received.

Wondering how the funds raised for student assistance are distributed?

School support including registration fees, course fees – 22%
The JAC Pantry, the on-campus food bank, and other food support – 28%
Transportation and bookstore – 37%
Family support – 10%
Emergency support – 3%


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