Sports and Recreation



2017 – 2018  Tryouts

Men’s Basketball – Contact David King
Aug. 23 16h30 Casgrain gym
Aug. 24 18h10 Casgrain gym

Baseball – Contact GM Anthony Haddad
Aug 25 19h – 21h
Aug 26 17h – 19h
Aug 29 19h – 21h
Aug 31 19h – 21h
Sept 2 12h – 17h

Springate Park (PCHS Field) Pierrefonds

Women’s Basketball D2 – Contact Mike Hickey
Aug. 23 18h10 Casgrain gym
Aug. 24 16h30 Casgrain gym

Cheerleading – Contact Colleen John
Sep. 6 17h30 Casgrain Dance Studio C-0123

Cross Country – Contact Michael Foy
Aug. 25 17h30 C-0137

Golf – Contact Joel Fitleberg
Tryouts to be held by appointment from Aug. 21 to Aug. 28 at Windmill Heights Golf Club

Flag Football – Contact Saadia Ashraf
Aug. 23 17h30 Lower field
Aug. 25 17h30 Upper field

Lacrosse – Contact Dave Pare
Aug. 23 19h00 – 20h30 Memorial Field

Women’s Rugby – Contact Wade Ashworth
Aug. 23 17h30 Upper field
Aug. 28 17h30 Upper field
Aug. 30 17h30 Upper field

Men’s Rugby – Contact: Thomas Suchorski
Aug. 22 17h45 Upper field
Aug. 24 17h45 Upper field

Men’s Soccer D2 – Contact

Swimming – Contact
To Be Determined

Synchro Swimming – Contact Christiane Callary
Sep. 6 20h30 C-0137 – meet outside the locker room at yellow counter.
Sep. 6 21h00 Casgrain Pool – Don’t forget your swimsuits.

Women’s volleyball – Contact Shawn Hughes:
Aug. 23 17h30 Casgrain Gym 3
Aug. 25 16h30 Casgrain Gym 3
Aug. 28 17h30 Casgrain Gym 3

Men’s volleyball – Contact: Sunil Ramgulam
Aug. 24 17h30 Casgrain Gym 3
Aug. 25 16h30 Casgrain Gym 2

Women’s Hockey – Contact Noémie Marin

Men’s Soccer – Contact Carlos Carvalho

Women’s Soccer – Contact Simon Willeme

Player Profile

For more information please contact Chris Hunter at 514-457-6610, ext. 5787 or


The purpose of John Abbott College is to provide students with educational opportunities which will permit them to achieve, as individuals, their highest potential. This includes not only the acquisition of academic and professional skills but also the pursuit of personal growth and development.

Since its beginning, the College has actively supported participation in sports endeavors as one of the important avenues in the growth of the individual and his/her well being. The specific aim of the Sports and Recreation Department is to implement programs which will meet student needs and interests in the areas of recreation, intramural, and inter-collegiate activities. The department also provides for student involvement in the development and organization of these activities.

The dedication of the athletes, the quality of coaching and the professional approach of staff members responsible for the sports programs have all combined to thrust the College to the forefront in terms of overall excellence and achievement, both at the provincial and national levels. We are justly proud of our accomplishments and the following pages are a tribute to those John Abbott people associated with our effort in the area of athletics.


Contact Us

John Abbott College
21275 Lakeshore Road
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec H9X 3L9

Phone Number: 514-457-6610

Sports and Recreation Staff

Name Title E-mail Extension
Chris Hunter Manager Sports & Recreation 5787
Sunil Ramgulam Assistant Sports & Recreation 5321
Shawn Malcolm Assistant Sports & Recreation 5324


Name Title E-mail Extension
Stephen Giovannoni Casgrain Centre Daytime 5784
TBD Casgrain Centre Evening 5780
Kristin Harmidy Casgrain Pool 5756

Sport Medicine

Name Title E-mail Extension
Dr. Richard Germain Team Physician 5308
Audrey Doyon-Lessard Head Athletic Therapist 5086
Nina Benisty Athletic Therapist 5086
Catherine Berryman Athletic Therapist 5086

Varsity Coaches

Name Title E-mail
Anthony Haddad Baseball General Manager
Dave King Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Mike Hickey Women’s Basketball Head Coach
Colleen John Cheerleading Head Coach
Micheal Foy Cross Country Head Coach
Saadia Ashraf Flag Football Head Coach
Patrick Gregory Football Head Coach
Joel Fitleberg Golf Head Coach
Noémi Marin Women’s Hockey Head Coach
Dave Paré Lacrosse Head Coach
Thomas Suchorski Men’s Rugby Head Coach
Wade Ashworth Women’s Rugby Head Coach
Carlos Carvalho Men’s Soccer Head Coach
Simon Willeme Women’s Soccer Head Coach
TBD Men’s Soccer D2 Head Coach
TBD Swimming Head Coach
Sunil Ramgulam Men’s Volleyball Head Coach
Shawn Hughes Women’s Volleyball Head Coach