Aboriginal Student Resource Centre

About Us
Since 1990, John Abbott College has collaborated with Aboriginal communities to offer services and programs to encourage and support the academic success and retention of Aboriginal students in post-secondary education at the college.

Today, our services have evolved to become the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre, a comfortable and welcoming place where students can come and relax, work, talk, get tutoring and counseling, as well as maintaining their identity as Aboriginal people within the college community.
The Aboriginal Centre’s friendly and knowledgeable staff supports the aspirations of the students through a range of activities and services such as academic support, tutoring, career counseling, organized social activities and workshops. Working in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and institutions including the Cree School Board and Kativik School Board postsecondary student services, the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre develops programs and provides services that address the unique needs of our Aboriginal students.

Teachers and other community members of the college are also welcome to visit the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre to gather information and access a wealth of Aboriginal literature for classroom and cultural enrichment purposes.

Programs and Services for Aboriginal Students


Programs and Services for Aboriginal Students

Crossroads: a transition program for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.

Crossroads (0.81CR) is a two-semester program designed to prepare Indigenous students for the expectations of college life as well as to guide them into the pre-university or career program of their choice. By combining courses in study skills development along with a mix of General Education and program-specific courses, this transitional program will help students reach their full academic potential.

Highlights of the program 

Students benefit from being part of a learning community.

  • Courses and pedagogy are culturally relevant.
  • Students will have a pedagogical support person following them throughout the year to help ensure student success.
  • Scheduling is flexible, taking into consideration the expectations and funding requirement of the respective sponsors.
  • Students registered in Crossroads are automatically enrolled in the Aboriginal Studies Certificate.
  • The program also includes a mandatory First-Year Seminar containing leadership, motivational and cultural modules.

How to apply

  • Complete the online application at sram.omnivox.ca and select the following options:
    • Chosen Cegep: John Abbott College
    • Chose program: 081.A6 Springboard to a DCS option orientation/exploration
    • Intended program: 300.B0 Social Science – First Nations
    • The intended program choice will then be processed to 081.CR Crossroads



The Aboriginal Student Resource Centre offers students a friendly lounge area where they can discuss school work, meet friends, plan social activities, or just hang out.

The centre also provides:

  • A study area with computers and printers
  • Aboriginal Studies Library
  • Guidance with registration and school system procedures
  • Help with course assignments
  • Tutoring
  • Study skills workshops
  • Life skills workshops
  • Social activities
  • Help with personal concerns
  • Communication with sponsoring school boards

The Aboriginal Student Resource Centre supports all Aboriginal students through a successful transition to college life.

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