Official Documents


Annual Reports


  1. Concerning the General Administration of the College
    Concernant l’administration générale du Cégep
  2. Concerning the Appointment, the Renewal of the Director General and Academic Dean
  3. Concerning the Financial Management of the College
    Concernant la gestion financière du Cégep
  4. Concerning College Admissions
  5. Concerning the Academic Council
  6. Concerning the Registration Fees, Educational Support Fees, Student Services Fees and User Fees
  7. Concerning Human Resources Management
  8. To Promote Academic Success
  9. Concerning Procurement Service and Construction Work Contracts


    1. Assessment Quality of Education
    2. (revoked)
    3. Policy Concerning the Hiring and Evaluation of an External Auditor
    4. Policy Concerning Sexual Harassment, Psychological Harassment, Abuse of Power and Violence Politique sur le harcèlement sexuel, le harcèlement psychologique, l’abus de pouvoir et la violence
    5. Policy Concerning Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Members of Board of Governors Politique concernant le code d’éthique et de déontologie des members du Conseil d’administration
    6. (revoked)
    7. Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement IPESA
    8. Policy on Conflicts of Interest for College Employees Politique en prévention des conflits d’intérets entre les employés du Collège
    9. Policy on Records Management and Archives
    10. Policy on French Language
    11. (revoked)
    12. Policy Concerning the Evaluation of Teaching and the Assurance of Quality Education
    13. Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures
    14. Policy Concerning Professional Development
    15. Policy on Naming of College Assets
    16. Policy on Institutional Research
    17. Policy on Health and Safety
    18. Policy on Safe Disclosure
    19. Policy on Respecting the Management of Supply, Service and Construction Contracts Politique relative à la gestion des contrats d’approvisionnement, de services et de travaux de construction
    20. Policy on Risk Management Framework
    21. Policy on Communications